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Summer Youth Camps, Summer Adult Community Retreats & Year-Round Private Group Retreats 

Each summer we provide exciting camps for young people, and have been doing so since 1924. Youth at Rowe are honored and empowered, learning to balance individual freedom with responsibility to the community in a fun, relaxed, creative environment. For the past three decades we've also been offering summer retreats for adults that enrich the lives of participants, welcoming old friends and newcomers alike for sharing, play, healing, and transformation. Select the camp that's perfect for your child, or the community retreat that's right for you, and please join us!

You also can rent spaces to create your own Private Group Retreat. Find out about it here and here.

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Conferences & Personal Retreats

(Fall, Winter, & Spring)

The Rowe Center is a marvelous place to learn and grow. We offer an array of conferences featuring outstanding teachers in a small, intimate forum, focusing on the arts, spirituality, political activism, nature, and personal growth.  Surrounded by mountain forests, lakes, brooks, and wild orchards and meadows, Rowe also offers a beautiful setting for personal retreats. Whether you're returning after many sojourns here, or joining one of our conferences for the first time: Welcome home to Rowe.


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Training Programs:

Spiritual Guidance & Permaculture

We're offering two exceptional programs, one in Spiritual Guidance and another in Permaculture. The Spiritual Guidance program can train you in offering mentoring and support to people in their spiritual journeys. The Earth Activist Training Camp can prepare you to meet human needs while regenerating the land, and provides the basis for a Permaculture Design Certificate.  Each program features a superb faculty and curriculum.


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Come Work at Rowe

Support staff are most often hired for the entire summer period, late June through August. Some are hired for longer. Support staff receive a weekly salary plus room and board onsite. They share a bedroom space with another person or live in a bunk room with two or three other staff. You are welcome to bring a tent.

Summer cooks are needed.

Summer Relief Nurse (1): Covers days off for camp nurse during three-week camps. Responsible for all duties of nurse stated above.

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December 09 - December 11
Deep Flow: Sounding the Unsayable and Expressing Your Soul-Story through Embodied Voice Molly Scott

December 16 - December 18
The Gentle Spark that Thrives: A Solstice Retreat for Women and Men Eclipse Neilson, Tori Morrill, & Fia Alexander

January 06 - January 08
The Best Medicine is Free! Patch Adams & Susan Parenti

January 16 - January 19
Home: A Skill Set Retreat for People 20-30 Years Old Claudia Norton & Eli Schmitt

January 20 - January 22
The Luminous Woman ® Weekend Chelsea Wakefield

January 22 - January 26
Winter Work Week Friends of Rowe

February 03 - February 05
Singing in the Spirit: Rejoicing in African-American Gospel Music Kathy Bullock

February 10 - February 12
Loving Deeply: A Valentine’s Celebration and Renewal Retreat for Couples Antra and Rich Borofsky

February 17 - February 20
Warrior Spirituality and War Healing: A Training Retreat for Chaplains, Clergy, and Other Care-Providers of Veterans Ed Tick, Kate Dahlstedt & Sarah Lammert

February 24 - February 26
Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Tracking Animals in Winter Susan Morse

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