Adult Communities

 Rooted in the values of self expression, playfulness, creativity, inclusion and acceptance, you’re bound to feel right at home. In the seclusion and beauty of nature, without distractions of the outside world, our engaging workshops and transformative experiences allow people to open up to each other in profound and new ways, forming connections that last a lifetime.

Labor Day Men's Retreat

A Retreat for Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning Men

Packed full of fun and transformative experiences, thought provoking workshops and a wonderfully accepting community, the Labor Day Retreat has become home to this growing group of GBTQ men. With Saunas, Hiking, Swimming, Yoga, Intimate Connections and of course a Dance, you’ll be glad you came!

Kindred Spirits:

A Community Supporting Healing and Self-Discovery

A recovery retreat for those looking for sober community. Grounded in the12-step recovery movement, it offers a fun and loving summer-camp experience for adults looking to waken their hearts, be supported in community and strengthen their recovery.



A Retreat for Young Adults 20-30

Is a fun, open-minded exploration into real life as an adult. With peer-led workshops and creative experiences designed to give you the skills you need to flourish in today’s world.


A Gathering of Grandparents:

An Online Community for Grandparents

Start your week with an hour in a warm place to discuss the stresses we grandparents face in the time of Covid 19, to air your problems, share your solutions, and stay close to your family. The grandchildren are under stress. Let’s discuss what we need to know and how we can help. Led by Jane Isay, grandmother of four and author of Unconditional Love: Guide to Navigating the Joys and Challenges of Being a Grandparent Today.