April 13-14

(3 sessions over 2 days)

Saturday – 9:00 am – 12:00 pm | 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Sunday – 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

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About The Program

Music at End-of-Life: a Caregiver's Guide

This online weekend workshop is an opportunity for caregivers, clinicians and those  interested in end-of-life care to explore the use of music in care for the critically ill,  those on hospice, approaching the end-of-life, and actively dying. This series will  provide tools and ways to be with loved ones using live music (singing) as a support, both for and with those who are ill, as well as loved ones gathered at the bedside.  

Join Jayne Demakos, certified Music-Thanatologist, hospice musician and teacher in exploring her experience and teachings on the use of music and end of life care. There will be opportunities for discussion, and song material will be provided for participants to learn and to keep. 

Over the course of the weekend, we will cover three broad interwoven areas: 

1) Self-care as foundational for anyone finding themselves in the role of caregiver.  

    • Routines, and tools to help establish care for self while caring for others.
    • Exercises to develop a sense of presence – we serve others musically, not  through music, but through a foundation of presence.  
    • Musical self-reflection: how we choose music for our own therapeutic purposes, such as comfort, release, deepening meaning, a kind of companionship, and to mirror emotional states.
    • Breath, humming, and songs for self care.

2) The end-of-life journey: how and when music can support all phases of this experience

    • The trauma of a diagnosis and the varying needs of those experiencing life threatening illness or going on hospice service 
    • When music is helpful; when is it not helpful 
    • The Sleep Song; The Tear Song; The Joy Song 
    • Familiar vs Unfamiliar music 
    • Silence 
    • Kubler-Ross, The Five Stages of Dying and music 
    • The use of music for Alzheimer’s and Dementia at end-of-life 

3) The last weeks:  

    •  The physical, emotional and spiritual changes expressed in the dying process including what we might observe in the actively dying 
    • Approaches for including sensitive music, as well as silence and simple presence 


    • Saturday morning, 9 – 12 pm, Music & self care 
    • Saturday afternoon 2 – 5 pm, Music supporting for the critically ill and those  facing end-of-life 
    • Sunday morning 9 – 12 pm, active dying, unresponsive states and music.  CLOSING RITUAL 

Meet the Presenter

Jayne Demakos, CM-TH, certified music-thanatologist

Jayne Demakos, CM-TH, certified music-thanatologist

Jayne Demakos is a certified therapeutic harpist and certified music-thanatologist (music and end-of-life care), as well as a performer (harp and voice), lecturer and teacher. Jayne has worked in healthcare serving the needs of the critically ill and dying for 18 years using harp and voice to address physical, emotional and spiritual concerns special to this time. She co-developed and co-led GriefSong, a program using music, especially singing, to be with and process grief. GriefSong was featured at the annual ADEC conference (Association for Death Education and Counseling) in Baltimore, Maryland in 2014.
Jayne is the founder of CompassionHarp ( a not for profit whose mission for nearly ten years, was to bring therapeutic music to the underserved in central New York. From 2016 up to the pandemic lockdown, Jayne was on the faculty of Ithaca College, teaching “Exploring Music in Medicine” courses bringing students into both Hospice and Skilled Nursing.
Jayne has presented her work in conferences and workshops in the United States, especially on the east coast, and in Ireland. She completed a two year, full time tenure during the COVID pandemic as an essential worker\music-thanatologist for Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia, Washington. Musical Companionship: How to be a Musical Companion for Your Loved One at End of Life has been hosted by Hospicare & Palliative Care Services ( in March 2023 and Authentic Presence (authentic- in April 2023.
Jayne is currently on the faculty as a harp instructor at the Accorda Music-thanatology Institute. Jayne has three audio recordings. She lives in Central New York with her husband and greyhound.