I Support Rowe Because ......

…it's my spiritual home and always feeds my soul in myriad ways.

Sharyn D.

I Support Rowe Because ......

…I am committed to creating a future where people lift each other up

– Rowe has done that for me!

Scott H.

I Support Rowe Because ......

…it's a place where you can go to nurture your spirit while pleasing your mind.

Cynthia B.

I Support Rowe Because ......

it gives young people the opportunity to grow, learn, and create in a radically loving environment.

Chelsea R.

Support The Rowe Center

Since 1924 The Rowe Center has provided a space where people can come together and once again be in touch with their inner selves, be rejuvenated, and bring the light back out into a world that is in such need of love and support.

The Spirit of Rowe Fund

Join us in nurturing the legacy of The Rowe Center by contributing to The Spirit of Rowe Fund. For 100 years, The Rowe Center has positively impacted countless lives through its enriching camp and conference experiences. Your donation is an investment in our future, ensuring that we continue to offer these transformative experiences for another century. Funds will be dedicated to vital aspects such as operations, repairs, staffing, and more, granting our board and operations team the flexibility to meet the center's evolving needs. This is more than a donation; it's a commitment to the spirit of community, learning, and growth that defines The Rowe Center. Be a part of our journey towards another 100 years of excellence and inspiration. Every contribution, large or small, makes a significant difference.

The Woodside Campership Program

The Woodside Campership Program, a heartfelt extension of the Rowe Camp experience, warmly opens its doors to children from all walks of life, honoring the legacy of the beloved chef and mentor, Margaret Woodside. This program, through its Cultural and Economic Diversity Camperships, creates a nurturing and inclusive community where every child is valued. At Rowe Camp, young people find a safe haven for self-expression, empowerment, and personal growth, a place where their unique qualities are not just accepted but celebrated. This commitment to inclusivity allows the camp to weave a tapestry of diverse experiences, fostering understanding and lifelong connections. The Woodside Program is more than just financial aid; it's a beacon of hope and opportunity, ensuring that the warmth and transformative spirit of Rowe Camp touch the lives of all children, shaping them into confident, compassionate individuals.

Rowe Labor Day Men's Retreats

Rowe Labor Day Retreat for Men who love Men is open to all gay, bi, trans, queer, and questioning men, and we welcome self-identified men of all races, cultural backgrounds, religions, socioeconomic statuses, body types, physical abilities, gender expressions, and neuropresentations. Make a generous donation today to widen our circle.

Kindred Spirits

For more than 30 years, Kindred Spirits has offered a way for people to expand their growing edges, relax, and have fun.

A wide variety of activities are provided in a beautiful, natural environment. Campers stay in a rustic cabin or cozy dorm room and enjoy the divine food.  They also get to explore “lifeshops” in relationships, breathwork, grief and loss, nurturing the self, arts and crafts, meditation, music, play, or movement. They can immerse themselves in singing, dancing, campfires, support groups, a talent-optional show, swimming, and lots of time just resting in the loving community of Kindred Spirits.  Donations made to this scholarship fund provide opportunities for financial aid, including full and partial scholarships.