September 8-10, 2023


$175 for members (Note: members must login to get this special rate.)
$100 for commuting members
$235 for non-members
$50 for day rate (no member/nonmember)

About The Program

Members & Friends Weekend Camp  2023

Enjoy a weekend of friends, fellowship and engaging more deeply with the Rowe community.

We have lots of activities planned that are both fun and educational. Enjoy S’mores under the stars, Learn about the next hundred years of Rowe with our Strategic plan team and meet amazing new staff members like Director of Programing Max McBride and critically acclaimed executive chef Anna Connelly.

Let your voice and vote be heard at the annual meeting, as we talk about the past year and the vision for the future. You can also enjoy old favorites like the picnic at Pelham and Sunday chapel service.