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Couples Date Night

Couples Date Night


Bring your child-like playful curiosity and adult desires to this evening of guided interactions that will enhance your pleasure and relationship. Sara and Thomas have more than 20 years of experience teaching people to deepen their intimacy through physical expression. Married to each other for 30 years, they bring ancient and proven Tantric techniques to take you on a journey that will leave

Feast of Losses: Dying into Life, Living into Death

Feast of Losses: Dying into Life, Living into Death


All the wisdom teachings of the world tell us, through one story or another, that the key to life lies in the manner in which we meet death within and around us. This retreat is an opportunity to welcome all that emerges as we turn towards the losses that abound in a life fully lived. In this highly experiential series, poetry, ritual, movement, writing, silence and self-inquiry will hold, heal

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