Board of Trustees

Looking for an opportunity to deepen your connection to Rowe? The Rowe Board of Trustees is a small but actively engaged group of individuals who are passionate about Rowe’s mission and enjoy working together and moving Rowe forward.

The Rowe Board of Trustees serves in an oversight capacity, including policy, strategic planning, and growing revenue to keep the organization vibrant and healthy.

The Board is composed of between 7 11 members, including 4 officers and up to 7 members-at-large. Trustees represent a cross-section of the communities served by Rowe, and have the skills and experience that contribute to the purpose and mission of Rowe.

Serving on the Board requires a significant commitment of time and dedication, and it is energizing and rewarding in many ways. If you are interested in becoming a Board member, please contact us today by emailing We will be in touch with you to discuss the process.

Meet The Officers

Karen L. Judd

Karen L. Judd

President of the Board

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Karen L. Judd (Judd) came to Rowe as a three-month-old infant with her parents who were the Camp Manager and the Camp Housekeeper/Coordinator of the Rowe kitchen. Her father was a Rowe Camper from 1937 until 1944, when he was sent to fight in World War II. Her parents were Camp registrars from 1958 to 1970. She was a Rowe Camper/Counselor from 1963 to 1969. That wonderful sense, feel and experience of Rowe remained with her throughout her adult life, yet not until 2006 did she begin to attend the Members and Friends Weekends. Judd was flooded with joy that first weekend and every time since. She is a clinical Social Worker who has been blessed with serving others in several capacities of local and state services, profit and non-profit agencies, and currently is in private practice as a psychotherapist. All three of her degrees are in Social Work and Public Administration: Cincinnati (BS); Denver (MSW); Orlando (PhD). She has three sons and 6 grandchildren. She is looking forward to Rowe’s 100 Year Celebration in 2024. There’s a lot to be grateful for…a lot to experience.

Mathew Swerdloff

Mathew Swerdloff

Vice President of the Board

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Mathew Swerdloff began his connection with Rowe as a men’s workshop participant in 1989. He found the content of the workshop and the connection with other participants to be healing and transformative, and has been returning to Rowe ever since to attend workshops and for personal retreats. Mathew has developed a deep affinity for the place, the people, and the purpose of Rowe over the past thirty years. Beginning in 2010, he was delighted to share Rowe with his children Adin and Maya Gold, who began as Rowe campers and attended for many years. Their experiences were profound and as a result Mathew became interested in giving back to Rowe. Mathew is honored to be a part of the Rowe Board and looks forward to serving the entire Rowe community to bring the mission and vision of Rowe forward.

Jane Kaufman

Jane Kaufman


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Jane Kaufman began her relationship with Rowe in 1994 when she attended Recovery Camp. Transformed by the experience, she has kept Rowe in her heart for the past 27 years. Besides attending several camps and conferences, Jane was a counselor for Young People’s Camp and was a staff member, working as registrar and cook in 2005-06. Jane held committee chair positions in Narcotics Anonymous Area Service for 8 years and has a Masters Degree in Social Work. She enjoys being of service and offers her time and skill to the Board in pure appreciation of the magic that is Rowe Camp.

Ann Crawford

Ann Crawford


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Ann Crawford found Rowe through an unusual web of connections from librarians to singers. Her first workshop experience at Rowe was deeply moving, and she has been returning regularly ever since. Ann has worked in higher education administration for over two decades, particularly in libraries, IT, facilities, and finance. She holds masters degrees in library and information science, education, and business administration. She is an enthusiastic but inexpert singer, a lifelong knitter and stitcher, and a sometime gardener. Ann looks forward to putting her experience into service for Rowe.

About Board Membership

Serving on the Board is an important gift of service to Rowe, and requires a willingness to work collaboratively with others who are also serving Rowe. In addition to attending six meetings a year, Board members participate in committee work and take an active role in fundraising and ongoing board business.

Board members must be members of The Rowe Center, and are selected with the goal of maintaining a balanced Board of Trustees who can bring a diversity of viewpoints and experiences to the Board. Some examples of the skills we seek are finance and accounting, program evaluation, human resources, camp leadership, organizational development, and nonprofit law, among others. While we are seeking the specific skills and experience the Board needs, and representation from all sectors of Rowe, it is also important that the officers and Trustees reflect a commitment to the organization and a willingness to make informed decisions based on the good of the whole organization.

Nominating Process

If you are interested in exploring Board membership, please write to us with your name, connection and involvement with Rowe, email address, and phone number. You may also nominate someone to serve on the Board by writing to us with their name, connection and involvement with Rowe, email address, and phone number. We welcome your messages to

All nominees are invited to complete an orientation process. As part of this process, each person being considered is invited to attend two board meetings. Board Meetings take place in hybrid format, in person at Rowe and virtually. Candidates may attend in person or via Zoom. This is a time of discernment for both the candidate and the Board about whether this is a good fit for each, and whether the candidate can commit to the time required and fulfill the responsibilities and obligations that come with Board service. This process of discernment can bring clarity to the candidate and the Board.

Some people begin Board service by serving on a committee; this is a good way to get a practical look at what board service entails. After successfully completing the training and orientation period, the nominee may be placed on the roster for election at the annual meeting, or between annual meetings, the Board may elect a nominee to serve out a term that has been vacated.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of joining the board, click on the Board Manual link below to learn more about the duties and responsibilities of a Board member serving a charitable nonprofit in the state of Massachusetts.

General Duties of Trustees
  • Serve in good faith as a Trustee of the Board of the corporation
  • Be a member in good standing.
  • Attend six regular meetings of the Board of Trustees each fiscal year, online or in person.
  • Attend the annual meeting at Rowe in September.
  • Be reasonably available and reliably reached for Board business via email or phone.
  • Respond to Board business in a timely fashion.
  • Contribute to the financial security of Rowe with an annual financial contribution. There is no minimum amount, but we ask that you consider an amount that represents a significant gift from you.
  • Contribute to the financial security of Rowe by assisting in the Board of Trustees fundraising efforts.
  • Serve in good faith on at least one Board committee.
  • Occasionally assume other tasks as requested by an Officer of the Board for a specific purpose and limited duration.

(Trustees serve on a volunteer basis but may receive compensation for reasonable expenditures directly connected to such service.)

Policy Board

The Board of Trustees operates under a policy board model, based on the following definition.

  • Delegates (in writing) responsibility for day-to-day managing and operating of the organization.
  • Creates, reviews, and then approves governance policies regarding how the board will conduct its own work and business of the board, and framework policies such as vision, mission, purpose, and core values.
  • Defines how the Executive Director will be held accountable for use of financial resources, program/service outcomes, and human resource practices.
  • Supports the Executive Director and appraises their performance annually.
  • Ensures the organization has the financial resources necessary to fulfill its mission.

Meet The Members At Large

Zoe Donnellycolt

Zoe Donnellycolt

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Zoe Donnellycolt is a white queer performance artist who grew up going to the Wabanaki land of Rowe Camp. Zoe was born on Nipmuck land (Hampton, CT) and earned a BA on Mohican Wabanaki land from Bennington College (Bennington, VT). They were an Emerging Arts Professional on unceded Huichin Ohlone land (Oakland, CA) and expose that which has been negated by normative culture with sparkly, immersive installations. They co-directed Senior High Camp and think a lot about culture and group dynamics. Zoe is looking forward to utilizing their skills as the Youth Programs Committee Chair and increasing their skills as a member of Rowe’s Board of Trustees.

Kim Gabert

Kim Gabert

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Kim Gabert first came to the Rowe Center with her extended family to attend a wedding which was held behind the Farmhouse in the seventies. She attended Junior High Camp from 1977 to 1983, first as a camper, then as a CIT and Counselor. In 2009, Kim attended her first Kindred Spirits Camp, and has only missed one year of it since then. Kim has worked as a librarian for over 20 years in Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, and is currently the Library Director for the Tyler Memorial Library in Charlemont. She lives in the Town of Rowe with her mother (Prue Berry) and her step-father (Douglas Wilson), both retired Directors of the Rowe Center, along with four cats and a twenty three year old cockatiel. She looks forward to contributing to the Rowe Center as a Board member and to adding another layer to her lifelong connection to the Rowe Community.

Karen Traub

Karen Traub

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Karen Traub found her way to Rowe as a Jr. High Camper in 1974 and (even though she cried when her parents drove away), quickly discovered she had found her spiritual home. Liberation Camp influenced Karen’s decision to seek her fortune in Western Massachusetts and a dream came true when she was married in the Rowe Chapel by Doug Wilson. Workshops, retreats, and Members and Friends weekends have brought her back to Rowe over the years. Karen holds an MFA in Creative Writing, an M.Ed. in Management, is an acupressurist in Greenfield, MA. and a member of the Crescent Dancers Middle Eastern Dance troupe. Karen has served on local and state library boards, as a member of the Wendell Full Moon Coffeehouse Committee since 1995 and currently serves on the Quabbin Quills Executive Board. Karen lives in Shutesbury, MA with her husband Frank and her royal python Chloe, and she looks forward to her time on the Rowe Board

Tarn Granucci

Tarn Granucci

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Tarn Granucci has been a member of the Unitarian Society of New Haven for over 65 years. He was a member of the Liberal Religious Youth organization and began attending Rowe Camp in 1965 where he became a Rowe Spirit in his first year there, much to his delight. Tarn made many remarkable connections with so many people of Rowe and many of those have carried forward to the present. Tarn has returned to Rowe many times for many special events, including a wedding in the chapel. He introduced his children to Rowe during their childhood years. The recent reunion that Karen Judd arranged drew Tarn back to all those Rowe experiences. Tarn has had many successful businesses, served on many boards, been a very successful fundraiser, and is the author of an Arcadia Publishing book, Legendary Locals of Wallingford, 140 stories of people of his hometown, living and passed. He was the first Poet Laureate of Wallingford in 2015. He has a degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Burlington College in Vermont. Since 2016, Tarn has held the position of Editor of Wallingford Magazine and his motto is, “I bring Wallingford to Wallingford.”

Deepen Your Connection With Rowe

Serving on a committee or task force is a great way to give back to Rowe and a rewarding opportunity for those looking to deepen their connection. Most committees report to the Board of Trustees, some report to the Executive Director, all are critical to The Rowe Center’s success. Terms and responsibilities vary by committee, and you need not be a board member to apply. Rowe is always looking for talented individuals. If you feel called to serve, please click below for more information.

Board of Trustees Committees

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is responsible for the development of sound policies, procedures and Board practices to ensure that the Board of Trustees exercises its fiduciary oversight of Rowe in a way that is consistent with applicable state and federal law, regulatory requirements, and best practices in the field. The Governance Committee will be responsible for ongoing Board education in these matters.

Nominating Committee

The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to recruit, review, and make recommendations of candidates for the board. The committee chair presents a slate of candidates to the members of the corporation for approval at its Annual Meeting every fall. 

Personnel Committee

In cooperation with the Executive Director, the Personnel Committee establishes and reviews policies and procedures for the hiring, evaluation, and termination of staff, reviews grievances as needed, and presents changes or additions to Rowe’s personnel policies to the Board for approval.

Development Committee

The Development Committee creates a yearly development plan for the organization that lists campaigns, goals, and schedules for the year. The committee has oversight of all fundraising activities as well as policies and procedures pertaining to membership. The committee provides the Board with leadership and support for fundraising.

Finance/Investment Committee

The Finance/Investment Committee is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations for the budget before it is presented to the board, and it is responsible for long-term financial planning, budget monitoring, expenditure control, and financial analysis and review. It also reviews the portfolio of Rowe’s investments, recommends changes in investments, and provides an Annual Report on the portfolio’s performance.

Youth Programs Advisory Committee

The Youth Programs Advisory Committee is an advisory committee for the Board of Trustees that focuses on the sustainability, growth, quality and well-being of Rowe’s youth and young adult focused programming. The committee is chaired by one member of the Board of Trustees. The twelve members of the committee offer support and advice to the Board of Trustees. YPAC does not make decisions about the camps. The committee is an opportunity for former campers and former staff to support camp.

The committee is committed to inclusion, equity, diversity, and access and all committee members agree to respectfully honor each other’s skills, connections, and expertise. If you are interested in joining us, please complete this form

Executive Director Committees

Stewardship Committee

The Building Stewardship Committee inspects and reviews the state of each of Rowe’s structures. Using a specific set of criteria, the committee recommends to the staff the capital projects that need the most attention for the upcoming fiscal year.

Camp Development Committee

The Camp Development Working Group is responsible for the design and implementation of an intensive five year Alumni engagment and capital improvement campaign primairly focused on camp centric infrastructure.

The 2022 Strategic Plan Working Group

Description to come….

The 100 Years of Rowe, Celebration Working Group

Description to come….

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force

Established in of July 2020, the newest Executive Directors Task Force is dedicated to antiracism, diversity, and inclusion at Rowe. 

Board Meetings

The Board meets six times a year. Meetings are currently held online via Zoom but may also be held at Rowe. All board meetings are open to all who want to attend. If you wish to attend a board meeting please contact

2022-2023 Meeting Schedule:

  • March 12, 2023 (hybrid) 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • May 7, 2023 (hybrid) 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • July 9, 2023 (virtual only) 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • September 9, 2023, Annual Meeting (hybrid) 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm
  • November 12, 2023 (hybrid) 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Simplified Agenda:

  • Check-in
  • Approval of Minutes
  • Executive Director’s Report
  • Old Business
  • New Businesss
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Development Report
  • Nominating Committee Report
  • Personnel Committee Report
  • Governance Committee Report
  • Youth Programs Committee Report
  • Executive Director Committees Report
  • Announcements and Other Business Not Anticipated
  • Closing

Important Documents

Transparency is the cornerstone of any healthy and ethical organization. The Rowe Center prides itself on going beyond the minimum, making a wide range of minutes, reports, polices and other governing documents available to the public. . Please contact with any questions regarding public documents.