New Spring/Summer 2015 Interactive Catalog

See our new Spring/Summer 2015 interactive catalog featuring dozens of exciting workshops,  here! Click on a program or presenter in the Table of Contents for more info; click on the program name on the description page to register online.

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Summer Camp for Teens & Youths

Rowe Camp is a most unusual place. Founded in 1924, Rowe has deeply touched the lives of young people for many years. Youth at Rowe are honored and empowered through programming that embodies and balances individual freedom and responsibility to the community in a fun, relaxed, creative, energetic environment.

Conferences &
Camps for Adults

Rowe Conference Center is a place to learn and grow. We offer an array of outstanding teachers in a small, intimate forum. Whether our guests come to focus on psychology, social  consciousness, personal development, or the arts, our call to them is to be present in their lives and to connect to the world at large.

Work or Volunteer at Rowe

Rowe is an exceptional place to work and live. If the idea of living in a loose-knit community united by a shared vision of making Rowe the best possible place it can be appeals to you and if you believe in the work that Rowe is doing and would like to contribute to that work through your service, we would like to hear from you.

Support Rowe: How You Can Help


Your financial support means a lot to us. It sustains Rowe’s work and gives us the ability to grow.  Your donation makes you part of a caring community that wants to make the world a better place.  Rowe is grateful for the large community of people who support Rowe through their annual contributions.

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Work at Rowe - Full-Time Associate Chef  and Full-Time Head of Maintenance Positions Available

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Visions of an America We Want to See

Our online Fall/Winter issue of the Center Post features great interviews and articles by many of your favorite workshop presenters -- read it  here! Then click on their names to find out more about their programs and to register.

Click on a program or presenter in the Table of Contents for more info; click on the program name on the description page to register online.

January 30 - February 01
Singing in the Spirit: Rejoicing in African-American Gospel Music Kathy Bullock

January 30 - February 01
Awaken the Spirit of the Buffalo for the New Year! Lewis Mehl-Madrona & Barbara Mainguy

February 06 - February 08
Occupy Spirituality!: Radical Aliveness for Changing the World Adam Bucko

February 13 - February 15
Loving Deeply: A Valentineís Celebration and Renewal Retreat for Couples Antra and Rich Borofsky

February 20 - February 22
Coming Out Spiritually: A Gay Manís Winter Retreat Christian de la Huerta

February 20 - February 22
The Songwriterís Compass: Exploring Songwriting From All Directions Mark Simos

February 27 - March 01
The Joy of Sacred Dance Rupa Cousins

March 06
Donít Let The Ghosts From Childhood Run Your Life! Charlotte Sophia Kasl

March 06 - March 08
A Party for the Poet in All of Us Pat Schneider

March 13 - March 15
Radical Passion: A Call to Sacred Activism Andrew Harvey

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