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Regardless, of if you are a first-time visitor or an “Old Rowie”, we know you may have some questions. Below we have gathered a few of the most frequently asked questions as well as some of our most important policies. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Planning Your Visit

What is the best airport to use when traveling to Rowe?

While you can certainly get here via Albany, NY, we recommend using the Bradley International Airport in Hartford, CT.  This offers the easiest and most direct driving route to The Rowe Center.

What is there to do in the area?

Rowe is just north of the Mohawk Trail (Route 2), New England’s most famous highway, and one of the region’s most scenic. Rowe offers the beauties of the Berkshires at their finest — every season is a feast of nature, from the blossoms of springtime to the glories of autumn. Come see for yourself.

The 1400 acres of town forest land surrounding our property are held in trust “forever wild.”  We are a hiker’s and bicyclist’s paradise. Kayakers revel in the serenity of Pelham Lake at the base of Mount Adams or the thrills of the nearby Deerfield River. When the snow falls, our ungroomed trails are ideal for snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, and groomed trails are just a short drive away. We are also within 25 miles of several ski areas, including Mt. Snow. 

You may want to take time to explore nearby villages of western Massachusetts and southern Vermont, including Shelburne Falls, a charming riverside town of shops, cafes, art galleries, and bookstores renowned for its magnificent Bridge of Flowers (and also as a shooting location for several Hollywood films).

We are within an hour’s drive of many art museums and cultural sites, including the exquisite Clark Art Institute in Williamstown and the ultra-cool Mass MoCA in North Adams. In coming to Rowe, consider staying an extra day or two and seeing more of what the Berkshires have to offer.

My cellphone doesn't have service here. How can I make a call?

Many celluar providers offer wi-fi calling.  You need to navigate to your phone settings and enable wi-fi calling.  When you are near and connected to one of our wi-fi hotspots you will be able to make calls. Please refer to your provider's website for more information.

Is the menu planned with dietary limitations in mind?

We believe in an inclusive experience here at The Rowe Center.  This extends to the dining experience.  We will make every effort to make dishes that accommodate all dietary restrictions that we are made aware of during the registration process.  If you have a concern about an item on the menu, feel free to ask on of our staff, and we will clarify the ingredients used in the recipe.

In-Person Program Questions

Do you have a map for directions to The Rowe Center

Most people get to The Rowe Center from two main interstates.  I-91 that runs from the Bradley International Airport up to Greenfield, or they come from the Albany, NY International Airport beginning their journey on I-87.  According to the locals, coming into Rowe from Hartford is a less difficult journey and is easier for those less experienced with mountain travel.  If you are coming from Albany, we encourage the less difficult path of  NY-7 E to NY-346 (VT-346) to US-7 S on down to North Adams, then following the Mohawk Trail (MA-2) to River Rd, and Zoar Rd, and finally Kings Hwy.

Most mapping programs lose connection as you make your way up the mountain, be sure to download a map of the region or to at least plot your destination while on good cell reception or wi-fi.

Click to see images of directions that you can save to your phone or print out so that you may have an off-line version of directions to travel here safely.

View Maps To Save to Device or Print


What is a typical weekend program schedule?

Please note that some conferences run longer or follow a different schedule. The description of the conference on the Calendar of Events will specify any schedule changes. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 413-339-4954.

 Our Typical Schedule


4:00 – 6:00 pm Registration

5:00 pm Hors d’oeuvres

6:30 pm Dinner

7:45 pm  First Session



8:00 am Breakfast

9:15 am -12:15 pm Morning Session

12:30-3:15 pm Lunch & Free Time

3:15-6:15 pm Afternoon Session

6:30 pm Dinner

7:45 pm Evening Session



8:00 am Breakfast

9:15 am -12:45 pm Morning Session

1:00 pm Lunch Followed by a Leisurely Departure

Download a PDF of the Schedule

Can I get a room that meets my physical needs?

Please note any special housing needs, such as difficulty walking outside; a need for a first floor room; or, if you are in bunk beds, the need for a bottom bunk, on your registration. Every building has at least one ADA compliant bathroom. We have a limited number of private rooms that are ADA compliant, and those with physical disabilities get priority. Every room should have at least one electrical outlet. If you are a loud snorer, or would otherwise keep roommates awake, please consider a private room so other guests can sleep through the night.

What’s your cancellation policy for on-site programs?

With one week or more notice of cancellation, we can refund any payments made less a $50 cancellation fee.

With less than one week‘s notice of cancellation, we can refund any payments made less a $150 cancellation fee.

With less than 24 hours’ notice of cancellation or non-attendance, we can refund any payments made less $250 or the Conference Admission Fee, whichever is greater.

The cancellation fee will be waived if you donate your Conference Admission Fee to Rowe as a tax-deductible contribution -OR- if you transfer your registration to another program at the time of your prior-notice cancellation. 

Winter Storm Policy Exception: If there is a winter storm in your area, and you contact us to cancel on the date that the program begins, we will charge you only the $50.00 cancellation fee and refund the rest of your deposit. If a state of emergency is declared here, or where you live, we will refund the entire amount of your deposit. If we cancel because of the weather, you will also receive a full refund of your deposit.

Refunds are processed to the credit card that you paid with; it may take a few days from the time we initiate a refund for the money to appear on your account.

Is there a limit on the number of participants?

At most, Rowe’s dining hall can accommodate up to 90 people. If a particular program has a stricter participant limit, it will be noted on the program page. Unfortunately, we cannot share the number of people currently registered for the program. If you have particular housing preferences or needs, we recommend that you sign up sooner rather than later, as housing is assigned on a first-come first-serve basis (however, those with physical disabilities requiring an ADA-compliant room have priority on ADA-compliant rooms).

Can I bring my dog / cat / pet to Rowe?

Due to past issues and for the comfort and safety of all guests, The Rowe Center no longer allows pets, including emotional support animals or comfort animals. Service Animals are always welcome.

What is Rowe doing to keep guests and staff safe during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic?

Please refer to our current COVID-19 Policy

What time are quiet hours at The Rowe Center?
11:00pm to 7:00am are quiet hours.  This is in place to respect guests and our neighbors.  Loud music and loud voices. etc. should not take place during quiet hours.  Celebrations should end by 11:00pm.  

Online Program Questions

My workshop starts NOW (or in less than half an hour) and I can’t get in! What should I do?

Please write to, or you may call 413-339-4954.  

I registered for a workshop. Will I get an email with the Zoom link; dates and times; and other information I’ll need?

Yes! This will be sent to the email you registered with, so make sure to use an email you will check regularly, and take care to spell it correctly. Look for an email sent from the Rowe Center with “Registration” in the subject line; this will include full text with dates, Zoom links, recording info, and more. If you don’t receive this within a few minutes of registering, and you don’t see it in Spam, please notify us on a weekday at so that we can get the information to you well before the workshop. Be sure to read through the information carefully, and save the info in this email where you can find it later. We will also send a brief reminder before the event starts.

Note: Although we think everyone could benefit from our programs, we ask that you not share program links or passwords with others. Our presenters earn their living from program registration fees and we want to support their time and talents. If you know someone interested in the program, please direct them to the registration page.

What information is on the program page for my paid online program, and how do I access it?

Think of the program page as the “digital home” of any given paid online program. On this password protected page you will find important information like the Zoom link, meeting dates and recordings of previous sessions. Some programs include supplemental reading, homework, or links. Those items will also be posted on the program page.

The link and password for this page are emailed to you four days prior to the event.

Note: Although we think everyone could benefit from our programs, we ask that you not share this link or password with others. Our presenters earn their living from program registration fees and we want to support their time and talents. If you know someone interested in the program, please direct them to the registration page.

What is Zoom and how do I use it?

The Rowe Center uses the Zoom platform for online programs. If you are new to Zoom, we invite you to visit the Zoom Help Center. It features a number of video tutorials for new users. We ask that you log in about ten minutes before the start of your program to get yourself settled.

In what time zone are Rowe’s programs? What time is that where I live?

Rowe is located in Massachusetts, so program times are listed in Eastern Time. You can find out what this is in your local time zone with an online time converter (you can select our location as New York, as this is the biggest city on Eastern Time). PLEASE REMEMBER TO CONVERT IF YOU ARE NOT ON EASTERN TIME, or you could miss your program!

What’s your cancellation policy for online programs?

You have the option to cancel your program reservation at any time up to 5 days before the program start date and receive a refund, less a 15% cancellation fee. Cancellations made within 4 days of the program start date will not be eligible for a refund.

To initiate a cancellation, please send an email to In your email, indicate whether you would like to:

  • Receive a refund
  • Transfer your payment to another program
  • Donate your payment

Refunds will be processed to the credit card used for payment. Please note that it may take a few days for the refunded amount to appear in your account after the refund is initiated.

Is there a limit on the number of participants?

No, unless otherwise noted on the program page.

Online Workshops: Recordings Questions

Are online programs recorded? I have another commitment at the time of the program and/or I’d like to review the program later.

Yes! Unless otherwise noted on the program page, all online programs are recorded. See the two questions below on how to find the recordings.

I don’t see the recording yet. What should I do?

Typically, it takes 24-48 hours after each session to post the recording. If it’s been less than two days, try checking the page again, as described above, at a later time. If it has been two days since the session and you don’t yet see the recording where we said we would post it, either check in with or try checking the page again later.

When and how can I watch recordings for a paid program?

You will receive a reminder email with a link and password to the program page. A recording of the session will be posted on that page within 72 hours. If you can't find the email with this information, let us know at and we'll resend it. Recordings are available for 6 months after the program.

When and how can I watch recordings for a free program?

Recordings will be posted on our Recorded Programs page within 24-48 hours after the meeting. Search by the presenter’s name.

Other Questions

I paid for a pre-recorded program, but I can’t access it.

On the sales page, which describes the program and lists the price, you will see the words “Click Here to access program after purchase”. You can use that link, or you can log into your Rowe account and click “My recorded programs” (not “Groups” or “Courses”).

Keep in mind that purchases of pre-recorded programs are device-specific. For example, if you bought the program on your phone, you can access it only on your phone, not your laptop.

I’m not from the USA, and I’ve unsuccessfully tried to register for a program. How can I sign up?

On the registration form, ignore the fields “zip code” and “state/province” and type that information into the “territory” field.

How can I contact Rowe?

Please write to or call 413-339-4954. The office is open Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm; phone messages left outside those hours will be checked during office hours. If you have a question that needs to be answered urgently outside of office hours, please write to Arthur, our program coordinator, at or call his cell at 917-209-0524.

Why am I on, or not on, your mailing list? How do I join or unsubscribe?

If you're on the mailing list: Building a mailing list is essential to our ability to continue to offer free and paid programs. When you register for a program, your email address will be added to our mailing list so that you can receive our calendar of offerings. We promise to not send too many emails and you can of course unsubscribe at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” link. With that in mind, we are continually adding other web-based programs that might interest you: free, paid, short, long-term and previously recorded. Visit our website or follow us on social media for the latest programs and news.

If you're not on the mailing list: If you would like to receive our twice-monthly emails, please send a message to At this time, due to the more flexible schedule and online nature of our programming, we are no longer offering a printed catalog or postal mailings; please refer to our program page for our current offerings.

Benefits of Working at Rowe:

Established in 1924, The Rowe Center is a warm, friendly, and always exciting place to work. Our staff is small, and as a non-profit, we ask a lot of our employees; however, The Rowe Center provides a rare opportunity to live your values in the workplace. A high priority is placed on community, acceptance and work-life balance. Many employees take advantage of our generous subsidized housing benefits (food & utilities included) and not only work but also live on our tranquil 50-acre wooded campus nestled in the heart of the Berkshire mountains. Benefits for full-time staff also include medical and dental coverage, a retirement plan, and paid sick and vacation time.
Intangible benefits include living in the beautiful hardwood forests of western Massachusetts and interacting with an community of forward-thinking, ethical, and progressive people who are seeking to collectively do good work in the world.

EOE –The Rowe Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer