2024 Dates:

Jan 20 | Feb 24 |  Apr 20

May 18 | Jun 15 | July 20 | Aug 17

8:00 -10:15pm EST

Program Cost:

     $40 per couple

About The Program

Couples Date Night with Sara & Thomas Stout  hosted by The Rowe Center

Join us for an enchanting evening of connection and exploration as we dive into the realms of intimacy and pleasure. In this live and interactive online program, Sara and Thomas Stout, certified SkyDancing Tantra teachers and esteemed faculty members of the Ecstatic Living® Institute, will guide you through a series of transformative experiences designed to deepen your relationship and ignite your passion.

Through their 20+ years of experience, Sara and Thomas have discovered the profound impact that playfulness and curiosity can have on enhancing relationships. By blending ancient Tantric techniques with their expertise in physical expression, they will take you on a captivating journey towards greater connection.

As a married couple of over 30 years, Sara and Thomas intimately understand the dynamics of long-term partnerships. They have cultivated what they refer to as “the art of intimate relating” and are excited to share their wisdom, warmth, insight, and humor with you during this course.

Laughter will be a vital element throughout the experience, as it has the power to release tension, reduce stress, and awaken trust, passion, freedom, and desire. In this safe and supportive environment, you will have the freedom to explore the untapped potential within your relationship, allowing you to nurture and embrace what has been waiting for you.

Sara and Thomas's backgrounds in psychotherapy, bodywork, meditation, yoga, sexuality, and interpersonal dynamics inform their teaching approach. They are committed to creating a space where you can authentically express yourselves, deepen your connection, and learn practical tools to enhance your intimacy.

Please note that this program will be conducted in a live session format and will not be recorded to prioritize privacy and confidentiality. Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a transformative journey with Sara and Thomas Stout and uncover new depths of love and connection in your relationship.

Meet the Presenters

Sara and Thomas Stout

Sara and Thomas Stout

Married for over 30 years, Sara & Thomas are a powerful team who bring great warmth, insight and humor into their sacred sexuality workshops and conscious relationship coaching. For over two decades, while balancing their lives as parents and working professionals in the fields of psychology and bodywork, Sara & Thomas have cultivated what they call “the art of bodyful intimacy.”

Certified as SkyDancing® Tantra Teachers, founders of Love Passionately, School of Mindful Intimacy, and Directors of SkyDancing Tantra Institute – USA, they support integrating the whole self in their body-based practices. By studying with them, you will understand why many of their clients are professional therapists or healers and how you will be masterfully guided in supporting long term change.