“I’ve been going to Rowe every year since I was eight years old. It’s been one of the biggest constants in my life, and a place that has turned me into the person I am today.” Max Hunter, Rowe Camp Co-Director

Welcome to a Summer of Discovery with JHC Co-Directors Bella Jaffe & Max Hunter

A summer camp for teens, nestled in the picturesque surroundings of western Massachusetts, Rowe’s Junior High Camp (JHC) offers a unique haven where young spirits flourish in a community that celebrates diversity and individuality. This summer, we're delighted to welcome Bella Jaffe and Max Hunter as our co-directors for JHC, whose personal histories with Rowe and their heartfelt leadership are set to enrich our campers' experiences with introspection, joy, and boundless creativity.

Bella Jaffe (they/them): Championing Creativity and Inclusivity

Bella's journey with Rowe Camp began as a camper, and over the years, their connection deepened through various roles, culminating in their new role as co-director. Bella, fluent in American Sign Language, plans to introduce an ASL beginner's workshop, highlighting their dedication to inclusivity and communication. Reflecting on what makes a camp experience unforgettable, Bella explains, “You learn you can be loved and appreciated and find true belonging by being yourself.”

A Night Under the Stars
Bella's love for stargazing at Rowe captures our summer camp's ethos of introspection and wonder. When asked about their favorite outdoor activity at Rowe they enthused, “Stargazing 100%. My love for the stars really solidified over the years spent at Rowe and they really are hard to beat. They make me feel so grounded and at home.” Embodying the UU principle of respecting the interconnected web of all existence, stargazing is just one of the foundational experiences of connecting with nature and each other at Rowe.  

Max Hunter (he/him): Fostering Connections Through Music and Nature

Max's journey from a young camper to co-director has been significantly shaped by his experiences at Rowe. He brings a deep appreciation for the camp's values and traditions, and is dedicated to passing on those transformative experiences to this year's campers through music and outdoor adventures.

The Harmony of Music Chapel
Reflecting on a summer camp activity they are most excited about leading Max shares, “I’m always excited for music chapel. It’s one of those camp staples that gets campers and staff pumped year after year.”  This activity not only fosters a joyful sense of community but also reflects the UU principle of encouraging spiritual growth through communal joy and celebration.

Exploring Rowe’s Trails
From Max's long history at Rowe, he has a couple top recommendations for campers to experience at Rowe. ”I love hiking behind the rec hall up to the lookout point. Whether it’s to catch the sunrise or in the middle of the day, it’s just a great spot to sit, think, journal, etc. I went up there a few times when I was on staff in 2022 during my time just to move my body and clear my head. You can also hike down to the mountain to Pelham and go for a swim.”  Campers will have an opportunity to join Max on a hike, it is an activity that is part of a rich history of summer camp at Rowe.

A Summer Camp Where Misfits Fit

Rowe Camp is not just a place for fun; it’s a sanctuary where young individuals find like-minded friendships, discover their voices, and learn to soar as free spirits. The camp's focus on personal growth, acceptance, and community fits perfectly with its long-standing tradition of being a place “where misfits fit.” At Rowe, our diverse range of activities—including art projects, activism workshops, and ample opportunities for rest and connection—is thoughtfully curated to empower campers to explore their identities and forge deep connections with their peers and the natural environment. Each program, whether it’s a creative art session or a reflective hike, contributes to a holistic camp experience that nurtures each camper’s unique spirit and perspective.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Summer

As we prepare for a summer filled with new friendships, adventures, and the chance to be part of a community that values every individual’s journey, we invite you to register for Junior High Camp at Rowe. Financial aid for summer camp is available up to the full price of camp. 

Under the guidance of Bella and Max, campers will experience a season rich in creative fun, introspection, and connection. Rowe's Junior High Camp promises a transformative experience where campers not only enjoy the beauty of nature and the joy of learning but also embrace the freedom to be their authentic selves. Welcome to Rowe, where every summer is an adventure, and every camper finds a place to belong.