2024 Summer Camp in Massachusetts
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Discover a summer of wonder at The Rowe Center! For 100 years, our camps have been a vibrant playground of exploration, where every day is an invitation to adventure and self-discovery. Nestled in the heart of nature and steeped in the rich heritage of Unitarian Universalist values, our camps offer a tapestry of experiences that resonate with the spirited essence of the past while igniting the passions of the future in a safe, fun and inclusive space. Whether it's through the serene moments in chapel or the laughter-filled activities under the sun, we craft journeys that speak to every young heart eager to make a difference.  Join a legacy of changemakers and let the journey of lifetime friendships and community begin!

One Week Sleep Away Summer Camps

Young People's Camp 1 | Ages: 8-10

Dates: June 30- July 6

Cost: $1200

Registration is secured with a $250 deposit.

Young People's Camp 1 | Ages: 10-11

Dates: June 30 – July 6

Cost: $1200

Registration is secured with a $250 deposit.

Age Range Note:

Rowe strives to be a place of inclusion and empowerment for all of our campers. The age ranges listed for each camp are what we feel is appropriate for our programming. However, there is some flexibility in the listed age ranges, especially between the YPC sessions.

If you feel that your camper would be most comfortable in a younger session, we are happy to work out accommodations.

Two Week Sleep Away Summer Camps

Young People's Camp 3 | Age: 11-13

Dates: July 7-19

Cost: $2600

Registration is secured with a $250 deposit.

Jr. High Camp | Ages: 13-15

Dates: August 5-17

Cost: $2600

Registration is secured with a $250 deposit.

Sr. High Camp | Ages: 15-Grads

Dates: July 21 – August 3

Cost: $2600

Registration is secured with a $250 deposit.

Young People's Camp 1

June 30 – July 6

(Ages 8-10)

Discover a magical summer camp experience for your 8-10-year-old at our unique camp nestled in the Berkshires of Western Mass. At Young People's Camp (YPC 1), we specialize in incorporating the wonders of nature with a wide array of engaging activities designed to spark curiosity, creativity, and joy. From the strategic game of checkers to the fast-paced fun of ultimate frisbee, our camp provides a safe and nurturing environment where fun reigns supreme! Each day brings a new adventure, offering everything from singing groups to recycled material instrument bands, bracelet-making, and superhero role-play. YPC 1 is ideal for both first-time campers and seasoned young adventurers, providing a rich blend of activities to engage every child.

Young People's Camp 2

June 30 – July 6

(Ages 10-11)

A century of summer camps in the beautiful Berkshires has given us the experience to create a magical summer for your camper.  Whether they are first-time campers or a returning Rowie, YPC 2 is the summer camp for you! Every day welcomes an abundance of games, crafts, learning and fun. Days are filled with play and community; nights are packed with s’mores by the fire, sing-alongs and more. YPC 2 is five days of fun and friendship!

Young People's Camp 3

July 7-19

(Ages 11-13)

Discover the perfect summer camp experience for your tween at YPC 3! We understand that navigating tweenhood can be as challenging for parents as it is for the kids. That's precisely why our camp is designed with your child's journey of self-discovery in mind. They'll make lifelong friends, splash around in the lake, explore their creative side with arts and crafts, and learn the importance of self-acceptance and confidence—all in a safe, supportive environment. Our two-week, screen-free camp fosters genuine connections with nature and community, providing your child with unforgettable memories and valuable life skills. Let your tween shine this summer at YPC 3, where they can be themselves and find where they belong.

Junior High Camp

August 5 – 17

(Ages 13-15)

Junior High Camp (JHC) is where community, personal growth, and a touch of silliness blend to create an unforgettable summer experience for your early teen. At JHC, we empower our campers to embrace their individuality, take bold steps in their personal development, and express themselves with confidence. Central to our ethos is giving your young ones a voice and a choice in their camp journey. Together, they'll design an experience that's as unique as they are, filled with creativity through arts and crafts, the joy of campfire s’mores, the thrill of swimming adventures, and open conversations about the realities of teen life. JHC is more than just a camp; it's a place where your early teen can learn, grow, and thrive in an environment that values their input and respects their individuality. Prepare them for a summer that will not only entertain but also enrich their journey through adolescence. Gear up for a summer filled with entertainment and meaningful growth, enriching your early teen's journey through these pivotal years. Register now and secure their spot for an unforgettable adventure at Junior High Camp!


Senior High Camp

July 21 – August 3

(Ages 15-Graduation)

At our summer camp for high schoolers, we're more than just a camp; we're a collaboration between campers and staff to build a dynamic, inclusive, and safe community where fun meets purpose. This is the place for teens who crave a mix of inspired silliness and meaningful engagement, who want to express themselves authentically, understand what it means to be a catalyst for change, and are eager to forge deep, lasting friendships. Senior High Camp is designed with you in mind, offering programs that empower youth, celebrate LGBTQ+ identities, foster community engagement, fuel activism, and of course, ensure everyone has a great time. Whether you're looking to make a difference, connect with like-minded peers, or immerse yourself in what could be the most exhilarating summer of your life, Rowe Senior Camp offers a unique blend of activities that cater to all. Join us to explore, grow, and impact your world in a positive way. Sign up now and be part of a summer experience that promises not only unforgettable memories but also a profound impact on your journey to adulthood.

Youth Summer Camp Forms & Scholarships

Summer Camp Scholarships & Financial Aid

The Rowe Center understands that many factors outside of gross income impact an individual’s ability to pay including family dynamics, job stability, housing, number of dependents, immigration status and level of debt.

We want camp to be as accessible as possible. We offer payment plans and scholarships. Please reach out directly if you have concerns about the deposit amount. All requests will be kept strictly confidential.

The 2024 deadline to apply for camperships is March 31st. Requests received after this time may still be considered, but are not guaranteed to receive funding.

History of Rowe Camp

For almost one hundred years, Rowe has been a place for young people to live, learn, grow and explore.

Since 1924 our camps have been dedicated to creating confident and self-directed young people who feel accepted and welcome exactly how they are. Rowe is a place to be silly, let your hair down and have fun as well as safely explore the serious and uncomfortable topics of life. To be at Rowe is to live in community and to walk the line between self expression and civic responsibility. Our camps empower youth to stand up for what they believe and exercise their voice and vote in the world around them. They also surround campers with a sense of wonder, creativity and play.

You are welcome here!

Welcome to Rowe, where you are embraced just as you are. Since our inception in 1924, inclusion and acceptance have been foundational to our ethos.

As pioneers among summer camps, we introduced gender-neutral cabin options early on, ensuring that respecting your pronouns is a natural aspect of camp life.

We understand dietary needs vary; whether you're vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, or have other preferences, you're valued here. We offer scholarships and financial aid to support economic and cultural diversity, aiming for a community as diverse as the world itself. Our staff goes to great lengths to ensure everyone feels welcomed, accepted, and can fully engage in the camp experience.

We strive to accommodate a wide range of needs. However, there may be situations where the specific requirements exceed our capabilities. In such cases, we encourage reaching out to discuss potential accommodations. If we're unable to meet these needs, we gently suggest considering alternative options to ensure the best summer experience.

For any specific questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Rowe Camp Statement of Purpose

“We believe that every human being has inherent worth and dignity. At camp, we practice this by empowering young people to play, explore, and learn about themselves and others in an environment that is both liberating and nurturing.

Our programming fosters age-appropriate critical thinking and reflection as much as it does curiosity, creativity, and joy. This provides the means to explore essential topics like power and diversity, friendship and intimacy, and technology and society at any developmental level.

Campers are challenged to balance freedom and self-expression with compassion for and responsibility to themselves and others. Campers, as a body, take an active role in decision-making and envisioning the future of camp, and their contributions are what make each session unique.

By doing these things, we aim to empower campers with a strong sense of community and sense of self, to be active voices in their own communities and their lives, and to make the world a better place for all.”

Unanimously approved in 2020 by the youth programing advisory committee, the Rowe Camp statement of purpose serves as the foundation and guiding principles of all decisions related to camp.

This camp must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the local board of health.


Over the last 4 years, the coronavirus pandemic has impacted many aspects of daily life, including summer camps. To address this, Rowe has implemented several adaptations to successfully conduct youth summer camps without COVID-19 incidents. These modifications are regularly reviewed and adjusted in accordance with the latest state and federal guidelines.