Rowe is a unique and magical place. From June to September, our youth camps offer exciting one-to-three week sessions for young people ages eight through 18. Founded in 1924, Rowe is nestled into the side of Mount Adams among maples,oaks, and hemlocks, the youth summer camp is a place for fun, exploration, and acceptance of oneself and others. Youth at Rowe are honored and empowered through programming that embodies and balances individual freedom and responsibility to the community in a fun and creative environment.  Our youth camps comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and are licensed by the local board of health.

Youth Camp Registration

If you were a camper last year, you will receive an early registration packet. You can register for youth camps by mailing or faxing in the appropriate forms, which you will receive by mail. To insure your space, you must register by January 31st.  If you have any questions feel free to call us, but keep in mind, phone registrations are not accepted during the early registration period.

Open registration for new campers begins on February 1st. Online registration is available. 

The camp dates for 2017 are:

June 25- July 15, Junior High Camp (ages 13-15)

July 16-22, Young People’s Camp 1 (ages 8-10)

July 23-29, Young People’s Camp 2 (ages 9-11)

July 16-29, YPC 3 Camp (ages 11-13)

July 30-August 19, Senior High Camp (ages 16-19)

All ages are of July 1st.

Fee Information

To register for a camp, please choose the appropriate camp from the menu on the right.

Camp fees are on a sliding scale based on your gross annual family income

Youth Camp





$100,000 +

Junior High Camp






Transitions Camp 






Young People’s Camp 1






Young People’s Camp 2 






Senior High Camp 






Housing for Camps

Campers are housed in our cabins, each of which contains several bunk beds with a large bathhouse and shower pavilion nearby.

Camp fees include all program fees and meals and housing in cabins. All summer youth campers are housed in cabins. Adults may bring tents if they prefer. During adult camps we have some private rooms and farmhouse dorm housing available for an extra fee:

Farmhouse                                  $125
Private Double, per person      $175
Private Single                              $350

Private Room & Bath, Single    $400

Private Room & Bath, Double  $200, per person

Deposits & Refunds for Camps

A deposit of $250 for camps lasting one week or less and $500 for 2- and 3-week camps is absolutely required to hold your place. The balance of your fees will be due upon arrival at Rowe for the start of the camp. We accept Visa and Mastercard. If you are paying by check or money order, please mail your check to Rowe Camp & Conference Center, PO Box 273, Rowe, MA 01367. Please note that your registration will not be confirmed until we receive your deposit.

Partial refunds are available for camps, though a cancellation fee will be applied. The amount of the fees is in the table below:

Notice of Cancellation YPC Transitions JHC/SHC
8 weeks or longer $50 $50 $50
4 to 8 weeks $50 $100 $150
3 to 4 weeks $75 $150 $250
2 to 3 weeks $100 $200 $300
1 to 2 weeks $150 $300 $450
Less than 1 week
or no notice
Loss of deposit Loss of deposit Loss of deposit

Camp Discounts

A 10% discount is offered to families who have more than one child enrolled in camp when the total fee after discounts and scholarships is more than $2,000.


We want to make sure that every child who wants to gets to experience the wonder of Rowe. Unfortunately, many families don’t have the financial resources to send their children to Rowe. The Woodside Diversity Fund is our way of offering kids who wouldn’t otherwise be able to come to camp the opportunity to experience the Rowe Spirit.

The Woodside Campership Fund is the Scholarship Program for our youth summer camps. It is made up of two components: the Woodside Diversity Program provides full camperships to children from diverse racial and ethnic populations and the General Campership Program provides partial camperships for economic diversity in our camp programs.

The goal is to create a camp that reflects the diversity of our culture. This enriches the experience of the entire camper population while providing a unique and meaningful experience for young people who would not be able to afford to come to camp. In this way, we promote an environment based on peace, mutual respect, and social justice and create a camp culture that reflects our society. This experience benefits the entire camper population.

To apply for a campership, you must first register for camp. You may request a campership application at the time you register, or complete & send in the one below.



If you are interested in working at Rowe Camp, see the summer employment page.


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