Senior High Camp Co-Director (1): Senior High Camp is a summer camp that serves 16-19 year-olds. Along with another co-director, the individual is required to participate in hiring and supervising camp staff, help in planning the camp curriculum and would oversee the progress of the camp as a whole. The required on-campus time is a four-week session at the end of July into August. Deadline March 1st, 2017. To apply you must be 25 or older.  Please send a resume and letter of interest to cara@rowecenter.org.


Full-Time Associate Chef

  At Rowe, food is about nourishment of body and soul, and about celebration. We are seeking a full-time Associate Chef to be part of our cooking team. Conference center responsibilities include cooking and kitchen housekeeping. Summer responsibilities include cooking and supervision of the summer kitchen staff. Applicants must be skilled in vegetarian cooking for groups, have good management and hospitality skills, and be well organized.

  If interested, please send a resume and a letter of introduction telling us about yourself to paulette@rowecenter.org.

Benefits of Working at Rowe

Tangible benefits for full-time staff include: compensation plus meals, housing, and certain household expenses; medical and dental coverage; a retirement plan; paid sick and vacation time.

Intangible benefits include living in the beautiful hardwood forests of western Massachusetts, and interacting with an intentional community of forward-thinking, ethical, and progressive people who are seeking to collectively do good work in the world.

All staff must be able to work well autonomously as well as in a team effort, successfully relate to the Rowe community, and be comfortable with group process in our work towards becoming our better selves (thereby making our work of more benefit to our wider community).

If you believe you have the qualifications we are looking for and feel called to a life of service, please send a letter of introduction and resume to PO Box 273, Rowe, MA 01367 or email staff@rowecenter.org.