Woodside Week is a week long direct social media outreach campaign lead by the Youth Programs Advisory Committee to support The Rowe Center's larger month long Woodside Campership Drive. The goal of the YPROGS campaign is to reach camp alumni and friends of Rowe that may no longer be actively engaged with The Rowe Center and to raise $15,000 for camperships.

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Learn more about the larger Woodside Campership Drive and the Impact That Rowe has on the young people of today!

What is the Youth Programs Advisory Committee?

The Youth Programs Advisory Committee focuses on the sustainability, growth, quality, and well-being of Rowe’s youth- and young adult- focused programming. We are former campers, staff members, board members, and current representatives from the camps who work together in support of Rowe.

About Rowe Camps

Rowe is a place where young people can be themselves without fear of judgment and where they learn that all humans, regardless of age, deserve a voice and a vote. At Rowe, paths are found and life-long friendships are forged. Rowe is so much more than just a summer camp!

Rowe Camp Statement of Purpose

We believe that every human being has inherent worth and dignity. At camp, we practice this by empowering young people to play, explore, and learn about themselves and others in an environment that is both liberating and nurturing…

Rowe Camp Statement of Purpose

…Our programming fosters age-appropriate critical thinking and reflection as much as it does curiosity, creativity, and joy. This provides the means to explore essential topics like power and diversity, friendship and intimacy, and technology and society at any developmental level…

Rowe Camp Statement of Purpose

… Campers are challenged to balance freedom and self-expression with compassion for and responsibility to themselves and others. Campers, as a body, take an active role in decision-making and envisioning the future of camp, and their contributions are what make each session unique….

Rowe Camp Statement of Purpose

…By doing these things, we aim to empower campers with a strong sense of community and sense of self, to be active voices in their own communities and their lives, and to make the world a better place for all.