“Eros, narrowly defined to mean “sexual love,” is much more than that. This energy is also known as: Kundalini, Holy Spirit, Prana, Chi. It is the essential power of creation that permeates the natural world through all of life.” Ian MacKenzie, Presenter at The Rowe Center

Unveiling Eros: A Pathway to Deeper Connection and Transformation

In the realm of ancient Greek philosophy, Eros is often reduced to a simple definition of sexual love. However, this interpretation barely scratches the surface of its profound implications. Eros, with its rich tapestry of meanings, encompasses the essential life force that animates the universe, manifesting itself in various forms such as Kundalini in Hinduism, the Holy Spirit in Christianity, Prana in yoga, and Chi in Taoism. This universal energy not only drives our deepest desires for connection but also acts as a catalyst for creativity and transformation across all aspects of life.

Eros transcends the physical, embodying the powerful, intangible force that propels us towards others, towards passion, and towards the creative endeavors that give our lives meaning. It’s the spark that ignites not just romantic love, but any form of passionate pursuit that connects us more deeply to the world around us. In understanding Eros in this expansive way, we begin to see it as a fundamental component of our drive for life, a source of vitality and inspiration that can fuel personal growth and collective change.

The Role of Somatics in Understanding Eros

Somatics, a field that emphasizes the body's internal perception and experience, offers a unique lens through which to explore and embody Eros. By focusing on the soma, or “the body as perceived from within,” somatic practices like the Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method, and various forms of breathwork and movement therapy, facilitate a deep connection to our physical and emotional landscapes. This internal awareness is crucial for tapping into the flow of Eros, allowing us to access its transformative power more fully.

Somatic practices encourage us to become attuned to our bodies' signals, fostering an intimate dialogue with our inner selves. This heightened self-awareness can dramatically enhance our relationships, enabling us to engage with others from a place of authenticity and vulnerability. Whether single or partnered, somatic exploration opens pathways to more fulfilling connections by helping us understand our desires, boundaries, and the ways in which we give and receive love.

How Eros and Somatics Enhance Personal and Relational Growth

Diving deeper into the concepts of Eros and somatics can offer profound benefits for individuals across the spectrum of relationship statuses. For singles, this exploration provides a foundation for understanding personal desires and boundaries, fostering a sense of wholeness and self-sufficiency. It prepares one for future relationships that are rooted in mutual respect, deep connection, and authentic expression.

Couples can benefit from this exploration by rekindling the creative and passionate aspects of their relationship, moving beyond the mundane to rediscover the depth of their connection. By engaging with Eros through somatic practices, partners can deepen their communication, enhance intimacy, and navigate the challenges of companionship with renewed empathy and understanding.

The Nature of Eros Workshop at The Rowe Center

For those intrigued by the potential of Eros to transform personal and collective realms, “The Nature of Eros” workshop offers an immersive experience designed to explore these concepts in depth. Hosted by Ian MacKenzie and Asha Mærie at The Rowe Center in the picturesque Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, this retreat invites participants to delve into the mysteries of Eros through somatic play, breathwork, and sacred embodiment practices.

This workshop is not merely an educational retreat but a transformative journey that promises to deepen participants' connections to themselves, their partners, and the larger web of life. Open to singles and couples alike, this experience is especially resonant for artists, healers, activists, and anyone eager to explore the frontiers of love, creativity, and collective liberation.

An Invitation to Explore Eros

Eros, far from being a narrow concept of romantic love, represents a universal energy that fuels our deepest connections and creative endeavors. Paired with the introspective power of somatics, it offers a pathway to profound personal transformation and relational fulfillment. “The Nature of Eros” workshop at The Rowe Center presents a unique opportunity to explore these powerful forces within a supportive community, promising participants a journey of profound discovery and growth.




This article relies mainly on information found on Wikipedia for the topics of Eros and Somatics.  To learn more about The Nature of Eros we encourage you to connect with our presenters on the podcast: Eros, Desire & The Village of Lovers with Asha Mærie& Ian MacKenzie