with Debbie Lan

May 3-5, 2024

Program Cost:


Includes program, meals and basic lodging.  Upgraded lodging available for a an additional fee.

About The Program

SongClub builds community and vocal resiliency through easy exercises, exploring and developing good breathing habits,
and singing familiar songs in a safe and welcoming environment.

Learn about how your breathing affects your vocal tone and pitch, explore your range and your sound, and enjoy singing freely in community with others.

We will experience some vocal training, easy exercises and warm-ups, from semi occluded vocal tract exercises (straw singing) to tongue twisters and breathing exercises, while developing good posture, singing attitudes and habits. Together we will explore articulation, pronunciation and phrasing, matching our sounds and our energies with each others. Every person in the circle is as necessary and important as everyone else. Every singer – no matter their range, skill level, natural ability, previous training or style – is welcome and valued in the circle. There is no reading music and there are no expectations other than that we all do our part to the best of our abilities.

This will be a joyful and fulfilling experience for beginner and experienced singers alike.

Singing with Debbie Lan has been the most life-giving activity I've done for the last 10 years.  Debbie's extraordinary way helps you shift from where you are,  miraculously, to something well beyond your dreams! And loving yourself through the process, too.

Debbie Lan's musical capacities, training styles, and her knowledge of the “singing body” is remarkable.  I'm speaking of vocal skills, and spiritual, physical, and attitudinal skills not only for the joy of singing, but also for the joy and resilience in life!

Amy Little

Bloom and The Resisterhood Community Choir.

I had not sung in 40 years and feel incredibly lucky to have found Debbie Lan and Bloom.  She creates an incredible community of support to singers of all levels of expertise and chooses a repertoire that stretches us without pretension or judgment.  Working with Debbie my vocal skills have significantly increased but more importantly I feel connected to a group experience of joy and fun.  It never feels like work and rehearsals are the highlight of my week. 

Nina Aledort

Bloom and The Resisterhood Community Choir

To sing with Debbie is to enter a place of community, acceptance, relaxed focus, and joyful expression. She brings out the best in our voices and joins us in beautiful harmonies. And it’s so much fun! 

Betsy Blair

Bloom and Resisterhood Community Choir.’

Singing raises one’s vibration, and being part of voice ensembles with Debbie Lan is an even deeper form of magic for the soul. Not only is Debbie a phenomenally talented singer, musician and arranger of music, but she is a wonderful human as well. She teaches song from the heart, allowing those of us in her ensembles to learn our parts, sing with confidence, as well as deliver the sentiment of the songs with feeling and depth. To sing with Debbie’s direction is truly a gift.”

Michele Zipp

Bloom and Resisterhood Community Choir.’

Meet the Presenter

Debbie Lan

Debbie Lan

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa and now living in upstate NY, Debbie Lan is a Choral Director, vocal arranger, singer, lyricist, performer, teaching artist and award winning songwriter, Debbie has enjoyed many facets of making music. She has released 4 recordings of her original songs, performed in Japan, Paris, England, Canada, across the USA and South Africa.

Debbie has entertained audiences as a solo artist, with various bands and Playback Theater companies, written 2 musicals which premiered at The Rosendale Theater in Rosendale New York, and has taught music and singing to children 18 months through 8th grade.

Now in its 17th year, Debbie founded, directs and arranges songs for Bloom, a 62 voice ensemble, as well as The B2’s, (9 voices), Perennial (9 voices) and The Resisterhood Community Choir (22 voices). The ensembles have performed at many local venues singing an eclectic mix of uplifting and joyful songs.

Debbie also founded Songclub, a drop-in singing experience aimed at bringing communities together through singing original arrangements of familiar songs in a safe and welcoming environment. The audience is the choir!

Debbie is passionate about building community through facilitating joyful and fulfilling group singing experiences for all voices.