Summer Camp Task Force

In a dedicated effort to reimagine and revitalize Rowe Camps for the upcoming seasons, we proudly introduce the Summer Camp Task Force. Led by Jane Kaufman, an esteemed Board member and our current Interim Office and Camp Manager, this task force will engage in an intensive six-month journey from July to December. Their mission is pivotal: to merge Rowe Camps' cherished traditions with today's best practices in adolescent mental health, youth programming, and camper safety, all while being deeply rooted in the rich traditions of Unitarian Universalism that gave birth to the camps in 1924. Here, you'll find all pertinent updates, insights, and information related to this transformative journey. Join us as we pave the way for the next chapter of Rowe Camps.

Affinity Leaders & Contact Information

In an effort to create clear lines of communication, if you would like to voice concerns, or offer recommendations,  we invite you to contact the Task Force member that most aligns with your affinity or connection to Rowe.

Rowe Staff

Jane Kaufman

Board of Trustees

Dan Farbman


Craig Miller


Amelia McLaughlin

Camper Parent

Sarah Green Vaswani

Current Campers

Annie Morrison

Camps Staff ‘10s & 20’s

Robyn Ralli

Campers ‘00s & ‘10s

Jenna Cusack

Camp Staff Pre ‘10

Beth Beaulieu

Community Survey

Collectively, the task force members will work with the community to deliver a set of recommendations for Rowe Camp 2024 to the Board of Trustees by January 2024. The survey below will help us gather your feedback, thoughts, feelings, and advice regarding camp. Using the contact information above, please reach out to your representative (feel free to reach out to multiple individuals).

Social Updates