Rowe Center Board of Trustees

Check out the upcoming Coffee Hour with the Board on December 12, 2021.

Coffee Hour with the Board: Donor Appreciation

Recorded February 28 2021

The Rowe Center could not do the work that we do without our board members and donors. Raise your coffee mug to the people who keep us going.

This informal gathering is open to all: donors, board members, and anyone who has an interest in joining them. We’ll be sharing our gratitude and bringing everyone up to speed on what’s been going on at Rowe. If you are curious about becoming a board member, you’ll have a chance to chat with our current team about what being on the board means to them.

Rowe Center Board of Trustees

Rowe Center Board of Trustees

The Board today is small, but active. Board members are passionate about Rowe’s mission and enjoy rolling up their sleeves and getting things done. While the day-to-day administration of the facility, management of personnel, and construction of a calendar are the responsibility of Rowe’s highly qualified management team, the Board focuses on overseeing the policies of the corporation, strategic planning, and growing revenue to keep the organization vibrant and healthy. For more information, check out our page: Meet the Board.

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