Radical Wisdom

Meister Eckhart as a Guide for the Perplexed in our Times

with Mark S.  Burrows

April 19-21, 2024

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About The Program

“The eye with which I see God is exactly the same eye with which God sees me. My eye and God’s eye are one eye: one seeing, one knowing, one loving.” -Meister Eckhart

Claims like this, found throughout Eckhart’s writings, lure us into the playful wisdom of paradox, the path that beckons us into the depths of mystery—within the scope of our daily lives. This retreat invites participants to explore the sources of this wisdom in Eckhart’s writings, drawing upon selections from his sermons and writings together with poems inspired by these texts. Bold, courageous, and often outrageous, Eckhart’s writings startle us into looking more deeply and compassionately at life, inviting us to live into the drama of radical freedom and creative responsibility.

This program, led by Eckhart scholar and poet Mark S. Burrows, explores this wisdom through the window of his recent books of meditative poems that voice Eckhart’s thought in ways described by a recent critic as “brimming with passion, originality, and depth.” Come to discover, explore, and reap wisdom's harvest.

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Past Participant Testimonials

Being on a retreat led by Mark Burrows is being in the company of a close friend. One who seems to instinctively know both what you have to offer and what you need to learn. It’s an opportunity to explore deep subjects in safety and with the strong support of someone who has traveled this way before, perhaps gone far beyond but is still beside you all the way. You are encouraged in every way to be part of a group who will learn as you adventure, both from each other and from Mark’s rich, deep and rare insight into his subject. His gift is to gain as much from those he teaches as he gives to those in his company and care. And that is how it feels; that as he draws from us our stories, he relates them in everyday language to his subject; somehow lifting us to a clearer longer view of all our experience. A gifted and most generous teacher and friend.

Deb Arrowsmith

Manager, Oxford (UK) Meeting House

Mark Burrows draws from the deep well of poets and mystics as guides for retreat. His translations and insights expose subtle meanings, opening the writings to fresh insight and allowing each to engage the text with the heart. He is wise retreat leader unfolding the path for thoughtful reflection and compassionate knowing and living. His kind and generous presence welcomes and invites.

Debra Weir

Associate Director of Spirituality and Lifelong Learning, Columbia Theological Seminary (Decatur, GA)

Mark Burrows' use of language is truly engaging. His poetic eloquence and breadth of literary knowledge makes for perceptive, if not prophetic readings of human reality. He teaches with a warmth and consistently displays the ability to connect with his audience at depth, most particularly in the realms of renewed imagination.

Rev. Dr. Sean M. Gilbert

Lecturer in Ministry Practice, Adelaide College of Divinity (Australia)

Meet the Presenter

Mark S. Burrows

Mark S. Burrows

Mark S. Burrows is much sought-after as a retreat leader and speaker. A scholar of medieval history and an award-winning translator and poet, he taught in graduate theological schools in the United States before accepting a university professorship (religion and literature) in Bochum (Germany) where he taught from 2012 – 2020. His academic work focuses on mysticism, spirituality, and poetics. Recent publications include The Chance of Home. Poems (2018), The Wandering Radiance. Selected Poems of Hilde Domin (2023), The Wandering Radiance: Selected Poems of Hilde Domin (2023), and with Jon M. Sweeney, Meister Eckhart’s Book of Darkness and Light: Meditations on the Path of the Wayless Way (2023). Since 2021, he has led three online courses at the Rowe Center exploring mysticism, poetry, and spirituality. He currently lives in Camden, Maine