5 Sessions 1-2:30pm ET

May 23, 30

June 6, 13, 20

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About The Program

Myths, Fairytales, and Folk Stories: Re-inhabiting and Rewriting Classic Tales

Myths and fairytales are sacred stories. They help us to explore our inner psyches and make sense of the world. Usually content to read these stories for pleasure, we often miss out on opportunities to integrate their wisdom, discover fresh insights, and make them relevant to our lives today.
In this participatory course, you won’t stop at reading classic tales, you’ll actually rewrite them. And in such a way that they speak to you about who you are, what you want, and what matters most to you.

Employing radical empathy, imagination, and the symbolic mind, you’ll reshape these stories to speak to your life right now. You’ll inhabit different characters within the tales, even the non-human ones, and you’ll explore different themes and threads through your own sensibilities. By the end of this series, you will have created a body of stories to serve as a compass in your own life.

This is how it works: Each week, several days before class, you’ll receive a new story. You only need to know its bare bones for it to work its magic on you. Together in group, we’ll then explore and reconstruct the tale through a wide-range of writing prompts, perspectives, and dream-like processes.
Interactive, experiential, and creative, this series is for anyone interested in archetypes, depth psychology, storytelling, creative writing, or who is on a journey of self-discovery. No previous writing experience required.


Praise From Past Participants

“Your style of leading is so welcoming, accepting, and gentle that you quickly create a safe space among participants who’ve just met each other. You give us the space and the courage to dive deep and participate in explorations that facilitate deep change.” – Barbara H

“Participating in your course was transformative for me, and I believe the transformations will continue well into the future. How I see myself, Nature, other people, and the rest of the world has changed. I loved being part of such creative and powerful community.” – Mary Beth, M

“I am still landing and arriving after the whole experience of the Wild Scribe journey.  To gradually discover this form of expression has been so wonderful.  It has been and is, for me, life enriching.” – Chantek

“I just wanted to thank you for holding the wonderful writing workshop with Mary Reynolds Thompson. It really was a superb session, I benefitted so much from her teaching. Such knowledge and to take us on such a creative journey in just two hours, I feel absolutely inspired.” – Sally

Meet the Presenter

Mary Reynolds Thompson

Mary Reynolds Thompson

Mary Reynolds Thompson is an award-winning author, internationally recognized speaker, and a facilitator of poetry and journal therapy. A pioneer in the spiritual ecology movement, her work focusses on the transformative power of Earth archetypes and nature metaphors to reveal our true purpose and right relationship to the planet. She is founder of Live Your Wild Soul Story and core faculty member of the Therapeutic Writing Institute in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Her books include Reclaiming the Wild Soul and most recently, A Wild Soul Woman.