Welcome back to our kitchen, and a very special introduction!

At The Rowe Center, our meals are a cornerstone of our community and an essential part of the experience we provide. It's with great excitement that we reintroduce a familiar face and formally welcome another to our kitchen leadership. Get ready to enjoy delightful meals crafted with love, skill, and a dash of magic from our talented duo: Dan Ross and Nicole Boutiette.

“I am happiest when my work is in service to others. And nothing is more fulfilling than preparing a delicious meal to share with friends. Coming from a family of foodies and connoisseurs, the appreciation of quality and fresh ingredients put together to nourish the soul is part of who I am today. After 15 years away, I am excited to be returning to the Rowe community to serve and bring some of the joy and love I have felt from the great cooks that have preceded me. Come one and all, to partake in some joy and love as we share a meal together again.”

– Dan Ross, Head Chef, The Rowe Center

Dan Ross: A Culinary Return to Remember

We're thrilled to welcome back Dan Ross, our esteemed Head Chef, to The Rowe Center. Dan, who previously graced our kitchen from 2008 to 2010, brings with him not just expertise but a passion for service that transforms each meal into a shared joy. His journey with us began in the mid-90s as a camp counselor, evolving over the years to roles including SHC co-director.

Dan’s culinary philosophy is deeply rooted in the joy of cooking and the art of creating comforting, flavorful dishes. A lover of diverse spices, Dan ensures that every dish is a warm embrace of flavors. His favorite Rowe recipe, Annie’s Cake—a rich chocolate bundt cake filled with cream cheese and topped with chocolate ganache—can be relished in our special blog post. After 15 years away, Dan returns with a renewed commitment to nourish and inspire every member of our community through his culinary creations.

“My favorite type of food is Mediterranean. I am a pizza lover, and I’m always seeking delicious, healthy, gluten free food.
I enjoy reading, writing, poetry, co-creating with nature, exploring trails and hiking, sightseeing, among other things.
My favorite camp activity will probably be kayaking and getting out in the woods with kids. It’s all about connecting to nature for me because my heart beats green. If I can help kids see and experience the beauty around them, through food and our environment, I will be a happy camper. ”

– Nicole Boutiette, Kitchen Lead

Nicole Boutiette: Heartbeat of the Kitchen

Nicole Boutiette has been a key part of our kitchen for some time, though we haven't formally introduced her until now. As our Kitchen Lead, Nicole brings a unique blend of culinary passion and a deep love for nature to our community. Her favorite cuisine is Mediterranean, reflecting her preference for fresh, vibrant, and healthy dishes. Nicole’s dedication to gluten-free cooking ensures that everyone at camp can enjoy delicious meals tailored to their needs.

Beyond the kitchen, Nicole’s heart beats “green.” She finds profound joy in kayaking, hiking, and simply being outdoors with our campers. Her goal is to help our youth connect with the natural beauty around them, drawing parallels between the nurturing aspects of nature and nutritious, lovingly prepared food.

A Community United by Food

Both Dan and Nicole exemplify the values we cherish at The Rowe Center: inclusivity, encouragement, and a forward-thinking approach to every meal and interaction. Their combined talents not only enhance our culinary offerings but also strengthen the fabric of our community.

We invite you to join us at the table to experience the magic of meals prepared by Dan and Nicole. It’s here, among shared plates and stories, where the spirit of The Rowe Center truly comes to life—nurtured by the food we eat and the company we keep.

Stay tuned for more updates and stories from our kitchen by following our blog and social media channels. We're excited for you to be a part of our continuing journey of taste, discovery, and community.

P.S. If you are looking for an opportunity to learn about food service, apply to to work with Dan and Nicole in one of our seasonal kitchen staff postions.  Apply online now.