Rowe Labor Day Men's Sound System Fundraiser

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Every dollar donated will go towards improving the audio experience at Rowe!

For years, thousands have come to Rowe and experienced the magic it has to offer. For me personally, one of the most transformative experiences has been singing and dancing on stage in one of the many talent shows and theatrical productions that the participants create literally from nothing! It really speaks to the fun and self-expression that Rowe offers. So, it was with a heavy heart that I noticed this past year, the sound system had lost it’s luster, the speakers no longer clear and bellowing, but rather crackled and spluttered – hardly able to do justice to the beautiful talented performers that grace our stage. I am grateful for them, for all the work they have done, for all the voices, joy and playfulness they have brought to life, for all the courage they have inspired. That said, it is time to thank them for their long and amazing contribution to the many communities that have benefitted from them.

To carry on the Rowe tradition of playfulness, fun and full self-expression, the Rowe Labor Day Retreat for Men Who Love Men is starting this fundraiser to replace the whole Rec Hall sound system with a new upgraded system that can be enjoyed by all for years to come. Whether you’ve performed at Rowe, plan to, or enjoyed countless others, we invite you to make a donation to keep this integral Rowe tradition alive.

Scott, Michael & Ben

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Rowe Labor Day Retreat for Men who Love Men

September 3 – September 6, 2021

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