Kezia Vida

The Morning Dream

Recorded May 28 2020

How to Harness the Wisdom and Power of Your Dreams

Recorded May 12 2020

Have your dreams become more intense or emotional during the time of Covid? Are you more curious than ever what their messages are? Join Kezia Vida, a natural dreamwork practitioner, co-creator of Dream Wisely, and author of The Dreaming to find out why your dreams are more intense now and how you can use them to help you heal, transform, and grow using the unique Natural Dreamwork method. This is a gathering for dreamers looking to dive deep into their inner realms and harness the power found there to transform their lives living in unprecedented times.

Are you certain your dreams are trying to bring you a message but aren’t sure how to understand it? Join Kezia Vida, a Natural Dreamwork practitioner and author of the unique dream journal The Dreaming I for an online gathering focused on how you can glean and integrate the wisdom of your dreams. Kezia will share her tangible tips and tools for remembering dreams, recording them, and engaging with the images in a way that is healing and transformative. Participants are also invited to send a dream ahead of time for Kezia to address at the gathering.

Kezia Vida

Kezia Vida

Kezia Vida received a BA in philosophy from Yale University, has been working with and studying dreams under the Natural Dreamwork tradition for nearly a decade, and is the author of The Dreaming I, a unique interactive dream journal designed to jump-start a transformative dream practice. She is currently developing a 111-acre ecological retreat center outside her home in New Orleans that will offer in-depth dream retreats to nurture an individual's relationship to the natural world.

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