I Support Rowe Because ......

…it’s my spiritual home and always feeds my soul in myriad ways.

Sharyn D.

I Support Rowe Because ......

…I am committed to creating a future where people lift each other up

– Rowe has done that for me!

Scott H.

I Support Rowe Because ......

…it’s a place where you can go to nurture your spirit while pleasing your mind.

Cynthia B.

I Support Rowe Because ......

it gives young people the opportunity to grow, learn, and create in a radically loving environment.

Chelsea R.

Help Rowe support the changing needs of a post COVID world!

Help The Rowe Center in the strongest financial position possible going into 2023 as well as to defray the costs of critical and important investments necessary to meet the post COVID needs of the Rowe community!

Dear Friends,

        Rowe has set out to raise $60,000 this winter so that we can end the year in the strongest financial position possible. Rowe is a small but mighty space to remind people that it is ok to be vulnerable, curious, kind, or outspoken and because our programs serve as a critical counterweight to a world that is increasingly polarized. A space that now extends to 6 continents! I invite you to join me this holiday season in supporting the work and legacy of The Rowe Center with a one-time or recurring donation. Every tax-deductible dollar given goes directly towards supporting the work and mission of Rowe.

On behalf of all that consider Rowe home,

Ben Werner
Executive Director