May 5 – 7, 2023

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About The Program

Forest Bathing With Your Dog

Are you a dog who would like to experience forest-bathing first-paw? Would you and your person like to reduce your stress, reset your nervous systems, and increase your well-being? Then this workshop is for you and your person!


Your person will learn about the restorative practice of forest bathing and how it is beneficial for both of you.  Nadine has been guiding forest bathing and forest therapy workshops for people and dogs since 2015. You’ll experience what forest bathing feels like and learn practical ways to incorporate forest bathing techniques into your walks at home. Meet other dogs and people interested in experiencing and learning about forest bathing in this experiential way from an expert and thought leader in the field. A weekend of rest and connection in the beauty of the trees, mosses, rocks and waters at Rowe Center.


Each human participant will be gifted an autographed copy of Nadine’s book Forest Bathing with Your Dog.

Note: This is not a weekend of dog training. This is a weekend of learning and experiencing the practice of forest bathing with your dog (or human).



  • Can you come without your dog? Yes, there will be some of us there without our dogs but for the most beneficial experience and taking home some of the techniques from practicing them bringing your dog is a great idea. We welcome one or both of you.
  • Will there be a lot of walking or hiking? We will not be hiking long distances together. You do not have to walk far if you are not able, or wish not to. There will also be ample free time and opportunity for those who do want to wander the trails of the Rowe campus exploring the trails alone or together.
  • What do you need to bring?
    • Dogs will need: A leash and a harness, waste bags, food and a crate for when your dog is inside and/or alone in your room – if you have a private room your dog only needs to be crated when you are not in the room. They may be out of the crate while you are in the room. If you are sharing a room your dog will need to be crated when in the room.
    • People will need: Good shoes for walking on gentle but uneven trails. Forest bathing is a low-impact activity.
  • Requirements to attend:
    • 1) Proof of rabies vaccination: A certificate of rabies vaccination or wearing a current rabies vaccination tag.
    • 2) Housing:  People and dogs will be housed in Rec Hall and Cabins only. Dogs are not allowed in public buildings, except as specified.
    • 3) Non aggressive dogs only: Everyone needs to be well mannered, non-aggressive and responsive to voice commands.

Meet the Presenter

Nadine Mazzola

Nadine Mazzola

Nadine Mazzola is an award-winning author and a Senior Trainer and Advisor for the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT). With her dog Juliet, she wrote the book Forest Bathing with Your Dog which won multiple awards. Their book shines a light on the reciprocity in our relationships with dogs and the importance of restorative-sensory activity for both canine and humans. Nadine has also appeared on PBS and ABC as well as in The Boston Globe and Boston Magazine.