February 1, 9 & 15, 2024

7:00 p.m. ET

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About The Program

Deep in the depths of winter, darkness abounds. Step into the fullest version of yourself by embracing the darkness!

You are native to Earth, and are indelibly linked to her cycles and energy. Understanding and aligning with the deep spiritual energies of the planet opens the door for you to reconnect with and revitalize your most natural self.

With the combined wisdom and power of shamanism and Chinese Medicine, this class will give you direct experience with the energy of this time of year, which holds soul medicine and great teachings for us, if we are brave enough to explore and welcome them in.

Connect with the Water element and the Spirits of the North. Discover the wisdom that can help you manage the dark and cold, be still and introspective, cultivate deep resources, relate to your own inner darkness with patience, and access your deepest soul wisdom.

Through a combination of lecture, discussion, shamanic journeying and guided meditation, you will:

  • Develop a visceral understanding of the spiritual teachings of winter

  • Gain an appreciation for the season, and of darkness in general

  • Establish a personal connection with the spirits of the North

  • Go deep with the wisdom of the Water Element of Chinese Medicine and learn about its two acupuncture channels – the Kidney and Bladder

  • Experience greater empowerment in your relationship to this energy and season which is often maligned, rejected, denied, and wished away.

As you understand and embrace this energy, you will find a tremendous opportunity not afforded to you any other time of the year. Leaning into the teachings of this season helps you truly reap the benefits of all that life has to offer, and embody the most complete, authentic, and soulful life you can live.

The timing is perfect as our experience together will lead into the rise of a new moon on February 9. Join us and prepare yourself to have the best rebirth with the coming spring, and the greatest flourishing of summer.

Meet the Presenter

Dave Eyerman, LAc

Dave Eyerman, LAc

Dave Eyerman is a licensed acupuncturist, shamanic practitioner, and author. With shamanism and Chinese Medicine as his foundation, Dave works with clients individually with a unique blend of personal coaching and energy healing. He helps clients discover the most authentic version of themselves and the understanding of how to live their most soulful life. In addition to his work with clients, he is the author of Shamanic Journeying: Discover the Unseen World, which offers a grounded introduction to shamanic journeying and over 150 sample journeys for readers to explore on their own. He also collaborates with Liz Varney, licensed psychotherapist and professional intuitive, on the Inspired Being Podcast, where they discuss mind-body-soul healing and wellness. For more information about Dave, visit his website or