February 24-26, 2023

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About The Program

“We are born in dangerous times.  Consider it an affliction, or consider it an assignment.”  — Stephen Jenkinson

“I have been a harbinger to speak about the unspeakable.” — Kimberly Ann Johnson

‌We are thrilled and proud to invite you to this first-ever weekend with two  extraordinary — and wildly different — teachers.   Stephen, a Canadian with a masters in theology from Harvard, a sometime sheep farmer, sometime recording artist, best known for his work with — and books on — elders and death.  And Kimberly Ann, American , birth doula, Certified Sexual Bodyworker, single mother — whose trainings, courses and blog posts help women access their full sexual expression and bring much-needed help and hope to those preparing to give birth or recovering from the injuries  that often entails.

What do these two have in common? They've written a new book together, Reckoning (2022).   And they refuse to settle for anything less than truth.  A knack for looking past the fog or smog of easy answers. Both are seekers of  truth in this world of uncertainty and shadows.  They bring awe and wonder, and a dedication to being true, and responsible for our world. Together and separately, they will  reckon with the  confounding historical moment we find ourselves in, asking you to consider  what it will take to live a life that is  “unguarded, sober, and alive,”

Meet the Presenter

Stephen Jenkinson & Kimberly Ann Johnson

Stephen Jenkinson & Kimberly Ann Johnson

Stephen Jenkinson is the creator and principal instructor of the Orphan Wisdom School, co-founded the school with his wife Nathalie Roy in 2010. He has Master’s degrees from Harvard University (Theology) and the University of Toronto (Social Work). He is the author of  A Generation’s Worth: Spirit Work While the Crisis Reigns (2021), Come of Age: The Case for Elderhood in a Time of Trouble (2018), the award-winning  Die Wise: A Manifesto for Sanity and Soul (2015),  Homecoming: The Haiku Sessions (a live teaching from 2013),  How it All Could Be: A workbook for dying people and those who love them (2009),  Angel and Executioner: Grief and the Love of Life – (a live teaching from 2009), and  Money and The Soul’s Desires: A Meditation  (2002). He was a contributing author to  Palliative Care – Core Skills and Clinical Competencies  (2007).

Stephen co-founded the Nights of Grief and Mystery traveling show with singer/ songwriter Gregory Hoskins in 2015. They released their  Nights of Grief & Mystery  album in 2017 and at the end of 2020, they released two new records;  Dark Roads and  Rough Gods.

Kimberly Ann Johnson is the author of the early mothering classic  The Fourth Trimester: A Postpartum Guide to Healing Your Body, Balancing Your Emotions and Restoring Your Vitality ,(2017),  Call of the Wild: How We Heal Trauma, Awaken Our Own Power and Use it for Good (2021), and  Reclaim the Feminine: Embodied Sexuality as Spiritual Practice  ( 2022).

She is the host of the Sex Birth Trauma podcast and the creator of the  Activate Your Inner Jaguar  experience.

Together they wrote and published Reckoning (2022)