I Support Rowe Because ......

…it's my spiritual home and always feeds my soul in myriad ways.

Sharyn D.

I Support Rowe Because ......

…I am committed to creating a future where people lift each other up

– Rowe has done that for me!

Scott H.

I Support Rowe Because ......

…it's a place where you can go to nurture your spirit while pleasing your mind.

Cynthia B.

I Support Rowe Because ......

it gives young people the opportunity to grow, learn, and create in a radically loving environment.

Chelsea R.

The Spirit of Rowe Fund

Watch the video for the Spirit of Rowe Fund, created by Luke Meyer, Alexis Arcaro, Ben Fried, Alice Goldfarb, Kieran Lally, John Kleber, and Rachel Lyon, all former campers, staff and camp parents from the Rowe community.

Help Rowe Renew and Rebuild

Bring Rowe back to full strength so it can flourish for years to come. Make a gift to the Spirit of Rowe Fund today.

A Message From Our Board of Trustees

Dear Friends,

Today, Rowe is at a critical crossroads and it needs your help.

We have launched an urgent fundraising effort we’re calling the Spirit of Rowe Campaign. Our goal is to raise $350,000 in operating support by November 28. We are calling on the collective spirit and strength of the Rowe community to meet this goal–our largest fundraising goal to date–so Rowe can rebuild and thrive.

Like other nonprofits that depend on people gathering together, Rowe was severely tested by Covid. In the aftermath of the pandemic, many of these organizations were forced to close. Rowe survived but has absorbed several tough blows: a significant drop in camp and conference enrollment, a decline in fundraising support, and abrupt leadership departures. Perhaps the most heartbreaking of all, camps were canceled this past summer due to concerns that Rowe was not adequately prepared to provide a safe and engaging experience for all campers.

We are addressing these challenges with urgency and tenacity. Rowe quickly brought on new executive and board leadership–all longtime Rowies with much needed skills. Many dedicated committee members and other volunteers are lending their time and talent to strengthen Rowe’s financial health and rebuild our camp and conference programs. We’re doing what Rowies do best–coming together to make Rowe stronger and better.

Steering Rowe out of this perilous moment requires a focused and sustained collective effort.

This is where you come in.

Today, we are asking for your support to ensure Rowe will flourish for years to come. Please show your love and support for Rowe with a gift to the Spirit of Rowe Fund today. Every tax-deductible dollar given will go directly towards helping Rowe return to full health so it can serve its mission for another 100 years.  

Your gift to the Spirit of Rowe Fund will help Rowe to:

  • Revive our summer youth camps for reopening in 2024, including strengthening programming, enrolling campers, and recruiting, hiring, and training camp staff
  • Develop and host rich and diverse conference programming throughout the winter and spring in order to grow attendance at in-person and online programs
  • Keep our camp and conference center facilities in good repair, which helps us to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for our guests and campers

The love and generosity of Rowies have kept Rowe going for close to a century. Now more than ever before, Rowe needs your help. Please click the Donate button on this page to make your gift today. We are grateful for your support in this moment of challenge and need.

With love and in the Rowe Spirit,

Clay Connor
Interim Executive Director


With the Rowe Board of Trustees:

Mathew Swerdloff, President
Holly Thompson, Vice President
Ann Crawford, Clerk
Kim Gabert, Treasurer
Julie Blattman Baeder, Member-at-Large
Daniel Farbman, Member-at-Large
Alice Goldfarb, Member-at-Large
Jane Kaufman, Member-at-Large
George Nichols, Member-at-Large
Phoebe Westwood, Member-at-Large

Help Rowe Renew and Rebuild

Bring Rowe back to full strength so it can flourish for years to come. Make a gift to the Spirit of Rowe Fund today.