December 8th-12th

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About The Program

Check out Patch and Susan's  free recorded program, My Life as a Clown, Patch's video, Postcard from Peru, and Don’t Be Realistic. Be Outrageous! – An Interview With Patch Adams and Susan Parenti.

‘Tis always the season to be jolly! And goofy, and ridiculous. If you are a clown!

“Clowning is a trick to bring love close,” says Patch Adams, the doctor-turned-clown made famous first for his gentle rebellion against the ills of society as well as those of the body. When Robin Williams played him in the 1998 movie loosely based on his experiences in medical school — and his going rogue! — Patch was suddenly known and admired by millions.

Now the humor and zest — and yes, love — that Patch and his life partner and co-conspirator Susan bring to people the world over is about to arrive at Rowe Center!

Join us to experience this holiday season for five days with Patch and his life partner and co-conspirator Susan Parenti! Yes, you will learn how to clown from a master, but be forewarned — this is no ordinary theater workshop. You are not coming just talk about it. Or run through exercises — You are going out to clown in public places. Where you can do the most good. Get ready for a miraculous opportunity. Get ready to bring smiles to the faces of people who need hope and cheering and healing the most!

Your clown school days begin with rehearsals on the Rowe campus. Each day, you and Patch and Susan will bring clowning and much needed joy to area hospitals, clinics, shelters. You will arrive clutching smart phones, singing your new theme song: “Why settle for smart when you can be goofy every day.”

No experience in clowning necessary. Just bring your wildest costumes and your craziest dreams! Bring make up, hats, masks. Bring musical instruments, especially if you can’t play them. And if you don't have any of these — just bring yourself; you are the most important instrument of all.

Patch and Susan promise: “By day three, you'll be walking out of a nursing home where the geezers can't stop laughing and where strangers have morphed into friends.”

Meet the Presenter

Patch Adams and Susan Parenti

Patch Adams and Susan Parenti

PATCH ADAMS, MD (Director, Gesundheit Institute) has delivered free, fun care to thousands of people all over the world in his 49 years of service with the belief that the health of an individual cannot be separated from the health of the family, the community, and the world. The Gesundheit Institute has built orphanages, schools, community centers, and medical clinics in over 20 countries.

SUSAN PARENTI, DMA (Director, School for Designing a Society) is a composer, playwright, filmmaker, poet, and artist who is one of the founding members of the School for Designing a Society. People of all ages come to the school to learn how to “compose” their daily lives and compose perturbations that inspire positive changes in others.