Breathe to Belong

with Jeremy Youst

May 3-5, 2024

Program Cost:


Includes program, meals and basic lodging.  Upgraded lodging available for a an additional fee.

About The Program

Breathe to Belong with Jeremy Youst

Somatic Breath Therapy (Therapeutic Breathwork) is a specific body-mind therapy that utilizes conscious, connected breathing (no pauses between inhale and exhale) in a remedial, intentional and profound way. By breathing diaphragmatically in this way (sometimes called circular breathing), breathwork as a therapeutic tool has the capacity to affect not only the physical aspects of our bodies but also the emotional, mental and spiritual realms as well.  By learning how to breathe an open, healthy and connected breath, our bodies naturally begin to release physical tension and surface levels of stress.  Then, as we learn how to breathe more deeply and relax the exhalation, we find the ensuing activation of prana has the ability to release more deeply held physical, emotional and mental patterns as well.


Through the power of breath, traumas, limiting beliefs and subconsciously held patterns of energy (suppressions) begin to surface in a way that transcends normal talk therapy.  We can not only let go of what we have been holding subconsciously for decades, but also transform and integrate the associated habitual and behavioral manifestations as well. Over time, as we learn to accept an open, healthy breath into our bodies, we find we can live our lives more fully and enter more easily into a state of inner balance, connectedness and peace, enhancing our purpose and feelings of self-empowerment.


Through Somatic Breath Therapy we can also transform and integrate our “Dysfunctional Breathing Habits”, those limitations to our respiratory movements that over time lead to poor health. These subconscious breath defense patterns usually originate as natural responses to overwhelming experience. It’s our way to manage, for example, crushing emotional episodes we may have experienced in childhood. Then, as we learn to how to breathe an open, healthy breath in our bodies, we can more easily enter into states of peace and inner balance, as well as feel a closer connection to our Higher Power or Source.


What Are the Benefits of Somatic Breath Therapy?

  • Release of anxiety and stress
  • Increased energy and resilience
  • Witnessing how you’re not alone
  • Relaxation and freedom of expression
  • Greater sense of connectedness
  • Overall feeling of confidence
  • Increased groundedness and well-being
  • Personal and spiritual empowerment.


Somatic Breath Therapy can be learned in a series of one-on-one sessions with a skilled practitioner and/or by doing a one-day or weekend workshop utilizing several trained facilitators. The group work is done in a very safe, confidential and intentional environment that utilizes the transformational power of therapeutic breathwork to effect deep, personal change. This type of somatic therapy is excellent for people who feel cornered by life and perhaps have hit a wall, but who may have found talk therapy “isn’t enough”.


Here's What You Will Learn in This Workshop:

  • The 7 Preparatory Palpations which will show you how your body was originally designed to breathe
  • How mastering an open, healthy breath leads to an open, healthy life
  • How your body has its own natural healing intelligence
  • Several practical breathing exercises you can take home with you
  • How doing this in a group amplifies the available healing potential
  • What maladaptive breathing patterns you may have developed and how these were formed due to ancient wounds and long-term stress
  • How to change negative self-talk with a few deep breaths
  • How to utilize a WOA (Wedge of Awareness) by redirecting your attention and intention away from intrusive thoughts
  • How a therapeutic breathwork session can initiate the discovery, release and integration of unconscious, self-destructive patterns


Your body-mind knows a whole lot more than you think it does, and with some simple breath awareness exercises you can give it a chance to get in touch with, feel and heal some of the underlying stressors, thoughts and traumatic memories that you haven’t been able to integrate thus far. Then, by entering into a full session with an amplified flow of pranic energy, you can tap into your own “Body-Breathing Interactive-Intelligence”, which will peel away those deep core beliefs layer by layer. Somatic Breath Therapy is a safe, adaptive and powerful tool that, once learned, you’ll take with you for the rest of your life.


This training opened me up in so many ways… There has been a part of me that has been closed off to so many levels of deeper intimacy. Now I feel I am blossoming into this deeper, more fulfilling ability to communicate with others from my heart. Less mind. I feel deep, deep gratitude for you, for this training, for all the beautiful souls who are in this circle-tribe.

Roger M.

Past Participant

I feel I have come home to myself. I learned a lot of things over the years and could never fully put them into practice because I didn't (know how to) grow experientially with them. There was no room in my life for the things I was learning. Now, through the love and intimacy of this training and finding my own breath, I can let the things I've learned take shape and bubble up inside of me and express themselves through me with grace and ease.

Lisa S.

Past Participant

Meet the Presenter

Jeremy Youst

Jeremy Youst

Jeremy Youst is the Founder and Director of the Power of Breath Institute. He utilizes Somatic Breathwork Therapy for deep psychological, emotional, and somatic healing. Facilitating empowerment for individuals and groups for over forty-four years, Jeremy has brought together the most effective and clinically sound techniques and practices to the largest breathwork schools, utilizing trauma-informed therapy and a heart-centered, spiritual approach.

Jeremy was a board member of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA), an organization dedicated to establishing international ethical and professional standards for breathwork practitioners, for over 18 years. From 2021-23, he rewrote the training standards and competencies for breathwork practitioners worldwide. Jeremy still does breathwork consultations, sessions, and groups and maintains a private practice in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts.