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The Rowe Center is an adult education center that respects those committed to growing and learning throughout their entire lives. It is widely respected as one of the finest conference centers in the country, and its weekend retreats address topics related to personal growth, spirituality, the arts, nature, political activism, and much more. As we believe there are many ways up a mountain, Rowe’s mission is to offer and to honor diverse paths to personal growth.

Along with its setting in the Berkshires, connecting with other engaged and engaging people is part of the joy and magic of Rowe. We seek wisdom from differing perspectives, passionate pursuits, and a sense of humor about living. Rowe conferences help people deepen their spiritual journeys, strike new paths, and find inner tools for being in the world.

Come to retreat, to laugh out loud, to experience transition, and see the world from a different perspective. People who come to Rowe regain optimism, regenerate, and are inspired. Like a walk upon our mountain, the programs at The Rowe Center can offer both spirited conversation and a chance for solitary reflection.

If only for a weekend, if but to connect with others in a beautiful, peaceful place, we invite you to come up the mountain. Step aside from the more hectic and loud patterns of life.  Come find new ways of being alive.

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