Work Week

Wonderful food, real and important work, the beauty of nature, evening entertainment, outstanding company, and a special kind of bonding are what we offer in exchange for your labor. We respect hard work and expect a lot from ourselves and from those who join our productive and delightful work party.

Re-experience what your body can do; find the relaxation intrinsic to meaningful physical work; bring more beauty to this good earth. Come for all five days or as many as you can. Pay by the sweat of your brow. If you have friends with skills and open hearts, invite them along.

Work Week is Rowe’s most intergenerational gathering. Campers not long out of Rowe Camp see this as a cool chance to return to the place they love. Folks in mid-career, in transition, or retired, see this as a refreshing break and a great place to meet new friends. Work Week folk range in age from their late teens to their late 80s, but we welcome anyone who will push the envelope.

Please bring work gloves and tools you know how to use. When you register, tell us what your skills are (e.g. carpentry, electrical, furniture repair, painting, sewing, gardening, lawn mowing, cleaning, or general physical labor) and what days you’ll be here.

We have three work-weeks a year.  In the fall and spring, we’re either getting ready for camp or cleaning up after camp and doing lots of things outside. In the winter, we have a chance to do interior work, to paint, build, clean deeply, sew, and lots more. We may even have time for a snowball fight or early morning cross-country skiing.

Join our happy, productive work week crew for a day or two or all five, but be careful; it can be habit forming. Some of us have been doing this for years.

Dates for work week can be found on the Calendar of Events.

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