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Located in the beautiful Berkshire foothills, Rowe Center is widely respected as one of the finest small conference centers in the country. We offer weekend retreats with renowned leaders on a fall-winter-spring cycle. Topics include personal growth, spirituality, arts, nature, poliitical activism, and much more. Every summer, we offer adult community retreats and youth camps. Founded in 1924, Rowe’s youth camps offer unique summer programs for teenagers and younger people. Our programs encourage personal exploration and responsibility in a fun-filled community environment. Rowe has a number of job opportunities. If you would like to work at Rowe, check out our listings!

Rowe is an exceptional place to work and live. If the idea appeals to you of living in a close-knit community united by a shared vision — making Rowe Center the best possible place it can be – living and working at Rowe may be for you.

All positions at Rowe call for energetic, flexible, well-organized, self-motivated people with positive attitudes. If you believe in the work that Rowe is doing, can juggle several projects at once, have the flexibility to move from one project to another, and still remain focused and in good humor, we would like to hear from you.

Whether you are a staff person, workstudy intern, or volunteer, when you give generously and with an open heart, you receive a lot in return. Explore the possibilities. 

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