WomenCircles: A Guided Retreat for Women

August 26 – August 31, 2017   Register Here


Since it began nearly 40 years ago, WomenCircles has woven a container of many women, diverse in lifestyles, cultural backgrounds, ages, sexual orientations, and spiritual paths.   

 In coming to Women Circles, you will be entering a liminal, beautiful, sacred space. Rowe provides a retreat setting away from the busy world, where you will join with a group of amazing women and experienced staff to deepen your own spiritual journey. Come and share deeply in circle, explore your spirituality, practice walking meditation in the labyrinth, lie in the sun, hike in the woods, create in the fabulous art space, enjoy good food, and have the chance to slow down and connect with your deepest self.  

  Women need women. We’ve gathered for millennia and found comfort, support, courage, laughter, and tears to support each other on our journey. Women talk while doing crafts or gathered around the dining table, and the conversation is the binding force. That’s where the deep sharing takes place. No topic is taboo, too frivolous, or too deep. From talking about our sexual needs to our favorite movies, conversation is at the heart of our connection and all is sacred.

Each day you’ll have a chance to sit in circle, weaving the threads that hold this dynamic group of women together. In addition, each woman will have the option to meet individually with a spiritual guide throughout the retreat. There will be workshops to choose from, but the structure will allow for plenty of free time. In this safe and supportive space, amongst the company of women, you will have a chance to find deeper meaning in your life and to expand your awareness of the many ways the sacred manifests in all our lives. You’ll leave refreshed and renewed through sisterhood, beauty, and joy. All women are welcome!

This retreat is a project of the Spiritual Guidance Certificate Program and is rooted in circle work. It will be co-led by graduates and second-year students in the program.



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