Volunteer Residency Program

Community Service Volunteers

Are you at a transition point in your life? Do you want to explore who you really are and where you’re going? Whether you are recently retired, just finishing college, or taking a break from your current work, our work-study program may be just what you need. It will allow you to slow down, take stock, explore new directions, engage in creative and meaningful work, and be part of a value-based, supportive community.

Residency program participants work 33 hours a week in exchange for room, board and the opportunity to attend many of the conferences. The residency can last from six weeks to a year, anytime from Labor Day until late June. (If you aren’t able to participate for the full six weeks or are available only in the summer, we also have a volunteer program.) Work is arranged by matching Rowe’s needs with your skills and preferences and may include housekeeping, maintaining our buildings and grounds, office work, and more. We also offer a cooking internship (please scroll down to information at the bottom of this page).

The study portion of the program is self-directed. It includes personal study, group work, attendance at conferences, and the experience of living in community. Work-study interns live in community with each other and in a more loosely knit community with the rest of our staff. Living, working, and playing with the same group of people isn’t always easy. Communication skills, conflict resolution and relationship issues are part of our normal life. Life here is full of complexities, challenges, laughter and joy.

As a Camp & Conference Center, the community at Rowe has developed around the work that reflects our vision. This is different than many intentional communities where work serves the intention of living together. Rowe C&CC balances a respect for the integrity and freedom of each person with the needs of the community and the organization. We are dedicated to fostering a new society that can nurture the best in each of us, reward idealism and caring and expand hope and vision. Being in the program is a way of offering your service to create a more loving world. It is a generous act, and we thank you for your interest.

To learn more, download 1-7 Work Study Info. Then, if you would like to apply, please email cara@rowecenter.org for application.

If you have any questions, please call us at 413-339-4954 or email cara@rowecenter.org.

Rowe’s Cooking Internship

At Rowe, food is about nourishment of body and soul. We offer the freshest, healthiest, most attractive gourmet mostly vegetarian food you can imagine. Our chefs consistently amaze everyone with their delicious culinary artistry, as well as their willingness to cater to special diets.

This program gives interns an opportunity to work with and learn under our wonderful chefs. This program has all the features of the basic work-study program with the exception that you will not be able to attend conferences as you’ll be cooking for them.

The focus of this internship is vegetarian cooking (some meat and fish is cooked at Rowe) and bread making. Prior cooking experience is not necessary; however applicants must have a serious desire to cook, a willingness to take direction, and be in good physical condition. Cooking for groups is physically taxing. You must be able to lift heavy pans and be on your feet for long stretches. Because of the focus of this program, we require a minimum of a 3 month commitment.

Cooking for our programs is hard work, but also wonderful training. This is an experiential program in which you will learn by doing. How much you learn depends on you. The application process for this program is the same as for the standard program, although you are asked to include a letter explaining what cooking means to you and why you feel called to this program.

To learn more, download 1-7 Work Study Info on the PDF link under “Residency Sabbatical: A Journey in Community,” above. If you would like to apply, please email paulette@rowecenter.org with a letter explaining what cooking means to you and why you feel called to this program.

If you have any questions, please call us at 413-339-4954 or email paulette@rowecenter.org 

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