Transitions Camp: Ages 11-13

T-Camp: July 16 – July 29, 2017   Register

Rowe Transitions Camp is a place for 11-13-year-olds to grow, have fun, connect with others, and feel accepted and valued. Part of our days are all about play and fun with activities ranging from duct tape art, Frisbee, shelter building, writey-drawey, or talking about life. Some nights we have quiet and contemplative activities, while other nights we rock the Rec Hall with a huge dance party.

 At Transitions Camp, we make a space where young people can be all of themselves: the part that wants to play and the part that wants to think seriously about the world. Our aim is to give campers a chance to start the lifelong exploration of discovering who they are as individuals: identifying the values they find important, figuring out what they love about themselves, and finding their strength. We also work to build a community that reflects a just world where people of all identities are valued and where all people feel supported for who they are.

Join us for an authentic, expressive, awesome summer experience! This camp runs concurrently with Young People’s Camp.

“We sent our daughters to T-Camp last year and they came home with a part of Rowe. The spirit they brought home did not fade through the year. They are more self and community compassionate for it. We wanted our children to experience relationships of value in a safe and nurturing environment. However, the strength and compassion in our daughters that awoke at Rowe was not something we had anticipated. Through personal choices our family has made to be who we are, the question became, “Where do we get the right experience?” We found this at Rowe.” —  A T-Camp Parent        

Camp Director

Pippi Kessler, professional consultant and speaker, has trained thousands of people across the country to use their power for good. As an ongoing consultant at ImmerseNYC and Ma’yan, she designs feminist leadership programs for teens, conducts professional training seminars, and creates innovative curricula and workshops. She is the longtime Director of Rowe Young People’s Camp and leads conferences for parents and educators about the ethics of working with young people. She is currently completing her Masters Degree in Social-Organizational Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University. Learn more about her work at  . 

Program Directors

Paula Kadanoff is a health educator in NYC who has been working as a counselor at Rowe camps for the past eight summers. She started working as a counselor after her first year teaching high school in the Bronx and thought the camp was a perfect compliment to the rigors of formal education by emphasizing the same level of rigor in creative play, bold self-expression, and thoughtful community building. She currently works for the Department of Education on a federally funded program to build high quality, LGBTQ-inclusive and affirming sexuality education for all teenagers in NYC. She spends most of her free time snuggling her baby and weaving unicorn magic into her daily life.

Finn Eaker has been involved with Rowe for the past eight years, with experience facilitating growth of children seven-to-13 years old. Finn is focused on positive communication and has been an important leader and facilitator at Rowe. Finn loves leading creative play and developing characters that serve to create fun, safe spaces for all. Finn envisions a world free of gender- and identity-based oppression, and is working toward this through creative arts and gender-inclusive discussions.