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What Makes Rowe’s Summer Camps Special? 

Rowe Camp strives to create a safe space where young people can relate and connect, while learning to interact in caring, thoughtful ways that honor the principles of social justice. 
Along with the usual fun summer camp traditions, we focus on community building, self esteem, relationships, and consciousness-raising, offering an alternative culture where issues are challenged and redefined. As young people come to believe in themselves, they see the possibilities for changing the world and camp becomes a model for connection, for peace, and for greatness.


All the camps are co-ed and overnight. These camps comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Health and are licensed by the local board of health. 

For The Campers:

Camp is a place to…

  • Explore how joy, fun, humor, love, and possibility lie within you and within the world;
  • Provide you with a space that is as free as possible so that you can make choices that feel right to you;
  • Show you that we respect and appreciate you, and the unique personalities and gifts you bring to camp;
  • Experience campers from backgrounds different from your own;
  • Create lifelong friendships — not just Facebook friends.

For the Parents & Guardians:

We work to..

  • Create an environment in which young people are honored, respected, and encouraged to learn who they are and how to find their place in the world –and, of course, to have fun in the process;
  • Encourage campers to think, speak, and act ethically with regard to the needs of the community while valuing their own experiences, perceptions, and needs;
  • Facilitate developmental growth by honoring each developmental stage with understanding and compassion — radical  acceptance  for the very young; preparation  for increased freedom and leadership as they get older;
  • Serve as a counter-narrative to experiences of identity-based oppression.

Dates & Fees:

Summer Camp Dates

Camp Fees

To Register:

Young People’s Camp 1, 2, & 3

Junior High Camp

Senior High Camp


We look forward to seeing you at Rowe this Summer!


If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our Youth Programming Director, Cara Downey, at





If you are interested in working at Rowe Camp, see the summer employment page.

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