Skill Set: Ages 20-30

Skill Set: A Retreat for Emerging Adults (ages 20-30)

June 11-17, 2017

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What is supposed to happen between being a teenager and being an adult? What are the skills you need? What are the questions to ask? Now entering its third year, Skill Set is a week-long camp for people from 20-30, in which you’ll reflect, share wisdom and skills, and build community with people like you who are trying to figure things out.  

The retreat is led by a staff of trained peer facilitators—in careers ranging from babysitting to psychoanalysis—who believe in the potential of young people to change the world and to be changed in the process.  Attendees also will have opportunities to lead workshops and share their talents and knowledge for fostering community.

Our approach has four elements: community building, interpersonal skills, personal growth, and political education. Last year we worked on topics ranging from self-help to food justice and home cooking. We wrote love letters, talked about the construction of whiteness in America, and spent hours running through the woods. We learned about mindfulness-based stress reduction, theories of social change, and neuroplasticity. We talked about the future of “the movement.” 

This year, we’ll explore systems thinking, freedom and incarceration, communicating across differences, the rationale for raw foods, the truth about graduate school, cynicism and idealism, and, of course, social change. 

Whether you’ve attended Rowe summer camps or are a newcomer, we welcome you to join us in the beautiful woods of Rowe for a week of reflection, dialogue, learning, and play.

Rowe has lowered its standard sliding-scale fee to make this retreat as accessible as possible for people with differing access to resources. See our website at or the program page on for more details.

Eli Schmitt first came to Rowe Young People’s Camp in 1997 and lives in Philadelphia, where they work as a barista, community organizer, and facilitator. They have worked in an array of social justice organizations, focusing on policing and community safety, youth empowerment, climate justice, and wealth redistribution. They currently are pursuing a master’s degree in Organizational Dynamics at the University of Pennsylvania.

Claudia Norton is a feminist educator and activist who has been involved with the anti-oppressive, comprehensive, sexual-education workshop FemSex for the past five years. In early 2014 she worked on a team to organize workshops for the first annual Converge for Change conference at Brown University. Claudia also produces books and sculptures that invite people to engage with institutions such as sexism and consumerism. 

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