Rowe’s Centennial Fund 2014-2024

Rowe’s Centennial Fund: 2014-2024

New Guest House

Grace Jordan Rec Hall

Orchard Guest House

Joffe House by the Brook






The Centennial Campaign is the celebration of 100 years of providing transformative experiences for young people and adults. The goal of this 10-year plan is to raise one million dollars  to be used for the purpose of bringing all the buildings and grounds into good repair in time for Rowe’s 100th anniversary in 2024 and to prepare for the next 100 years.

Our vision is to:

Rhoda’s Room (New Rug Room Floor)

  • complete all needed repairs to all of our buildings
  • update our water and septic systems
  • create an environmentally sustainable campus
  • and make renovations to meet the current and future needs of the center.

You can donate online now!


  • Completed phase 1 of the water project – running new lines from Joffe House by the Brook and Fromson House up to the Orchard and tying them into the current system.
  • Completed foundation work on the cabins

    New Bathrooms New Guest House

  • Created a shower room for Siddhartha Room in new guest house
  • Repaired the Heating System in the Chapel that got flooded by Hurricane Irene
  • Stonework on bell tower of Chapel
  • Removed the carpeting and put in a new floor in the Rug Room
  • Added 3 new bathrooms to the New Guest House
  • Installed a handicap accessible automatic door to the Farmhouse
  • Completed the Berry/Wilson pavilion.
  • Completed phase 2 of the water project creating a water storage facility to replace the old cistern..
  • Installed a new hood vent in the Rec Hall kitchen

2018 Feature Project

The Grace Jordan Rec Hall

  • Replace the floor in the Rug Room – Done
  • Add fans and a better ventilation system in the dining room
  • Install a new hood vent in the kitchen – in process
  • Replace the dishwasher with a fast cycle dishwashwer

    New Hood Vent

  • Replace sinks and vanity in bathroom
  • Replace dining room windows with windows
  • Replace exterior siding and trim around kitchen area
  • Add solar panels


You can donate online by using the Donate Now button, by calling us at 413-339-4954, emailing or by writing us at The Rowe Center, PO Box 273, Rowe, MA 01367.


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