Rowe’s Centennial Campaign


2017 Centennial Fund: Joffe House by the Brook

Help us prepare for the next 100 years! The Centennial Campaign is a 10 year plan to bring all the buildings and grounds into good repair in time for Rowe’s 100th anniversary. Our goal is to raise $100,000 a year, focusing on one building at a time — making needed repairs, renovating to meet the current and future needs of the center, and working toward environmental sustainability.

You can donate online now!

Joffe House by the Brook was bought in 1995 and underwent major renovations. Today it houses from 5- 11 guests in 5 guest rooms, as well as a housing unit for a staff person, and our smaller conference space.

Our plans for Joffe House are to:

  • Create a wheelchair accessible entry to the conference room and second exit from the rear guest room
  • Add an accessible bathroom on the first floor  
  • Renovate the shower room to make it into a full bathroom
  • Replace the floors in the mid-level guest rooms
  • Add solar panels

What comes next?
Beginning in 2015, all Annual Campaign donations have been going into a Centennial Fund, to be used for the whole project. We will keep you informed each year of what has been accomplished. 
2015 Water Project – Goal met, thank you!
2016 Orchard Guest House/Infirmary
2017 Joffe House by the Brook 
2018 The Grace Jordan Recreation Hall
2019 Farmhouse
2020 Grounds
2021 Fromson House
2022 Chapel
2023 Cabins including Searles
2024 New Cabin

How did you come up with this order?
Rowe’s Stewardship Committee is responsible to do yearly inspections of buildings assigned to them. Each year they look at the lists of required repairs and set priorities based on the greatest needs.

Are you going to be able to do all that for $100,000?
Perhaps not, this is a rolling campaign. Some buildings will need more repairs than others. We will contract out some of the work and do a lot of the work with volunteers, staff, and during work week. Some of the money for supplies like painting will be taken out of the regular maintenance budget and some from the yearly share of the Capital Endowment Fund. 

You can donate online by using the Donate Now button, by calling us at 413-339-4954, emailing or by writing us at The Rowe Center, PO Box 273, Rowe, MA 01367.


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