Proposing a Workshop

 How to Submit a Workshop Proposal

Our catalog is compiled twice a year.  Decisions on which programs will be included in each season begins in January for the spring catalog and July for the fall catalog, though we often have programs booked one to two years in advance.

Generally the new schedule of programs is filled with workshops led by people who have presented at Rowe in the past.  We do like to include new people and interesting topics that we feel would compliment the programs already on the list.

If you are interested in sending us a proposal. Please send the following:

  • Description of the program
  • Your bio
  • A sample of any books you have written
  • A list of programs  you have presented, where, when, and how  many people attended
  • Your website address
  • A statement about how you would help promote your program, including if you have a mailing or email list and how many people are on it and if you have access to a list from any organization you belong to, as well as other ways you would promote this program
  • Any newspaper articles, pamphlets, or other written material that would assist us in learning about your work

Your proposal may be sent to

Or mail to: Arthur Samuelson, The Rowe Center, PO Box 273, Rowe, MA 01367

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