Paradise Garden Fund

It all begins with a seed

A seed grant, donated anonymously, has been given to Rowe for the purpose of building a fund specifically designated for landscaping, the provision of plants and flowers, horticultural assistance and ongoing maintenance of the gardens, sanctuaries and sacred spaces at Rowe.

“Rowe is a pre-eminent place for dreamers
of all ages to dream those dreams which
will ultimately manifest as the future of
succeeding generations.” —- The donor


The Donor’s Vision

“As a sanctuary for dreamers, Rowe is a place where the physical beauty of the surroundings lifts the restrictions of the psyche and frees the soul to dream the best possible dreams. An open heart is necessary for dreaming life-enhancing dreams, and a strong and healthy body is just as necessary to turn those dreams into reality.

Since nature both opens the heart and strengthens the body, it is in the garden that the creativity and skills to manifest dreams can be nurtured.

In private and communal ceremonial nooks and medicine gardens, with the sound of water and birdsong, the scent of flowers and herbs, and indigenous plant species returned to their native habitats, there is no greater teacher or healer than the one we have done so much in the last century to obliterate, to the detriment of our individual and global health.”

The Plan

Prue Berry, Landscape Designer, has created a master plan for the Rowe campus. The plan seeks to enhance the exquisite, natural gifts of the existing terrain, creating ways to journey into unknown territory while feeling the comfort of seclusion and the security of knowing how to find your way. Prue’s design includes:

  • Natural destinations where you can be alone or together in peace.
  • Gentle lighting on the main paths, intended to show you where to go in the dark while not blocking your view of the starry night sky.
  • New signs to show you how to get where you want to go.
  • Native flowering plants, shrubs and trees, chosen to attract birds and wildlife,  fragrant herbs, and the occasional sound of water to delight your senses and cheer your heart. 

It’s a dream we cherish.
With your helping heart,
We hope it will come true.

Rowe seems such a perfect setting for a unique approach to designing the landscape in order to embody the concept of Paradise (the original garden which the Great Spirit created to provide us with everything we need for our health: beauty, nourishment, peace, etc.) In this culture it seems to be just the right time for a healing model of horticulture as an antidote to the enormous energy drain of unprecedented levels of luxury and material overabundance which the earth cannot continue to sustain.

If you share this vision, you can donate online (put under “other” and write “Paradise Garden” in the last box), by calling us at 413-339-4954 or by mail to us at:
    Rowe Camp and Conference Center
    22 Kings Highway Road
    Rowe, MA 01367

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