Meeting Schedule

With the exception of Members and Friends weekend and the annual retreat, Saturdays are for committee meetings and the Board meeting starts after breakfast on Sunday. Board meetings are open to all who want to attend. Members are also welcome and encouraged to participate on committees. Please notify the office at 413-339-4954,, or, if you plan to attend and stay for lunch.

Board members who need overnight accommodations must register with the Rowe Office: 413-339-4954,, or

“Upcoming Meetings: May 7, 2017, 9:15 a.m.; August 2017 (day TBD); and Annual Meeting on September 15, 2017”

Meeting Agenda for Sunday, May 7, 9:15 a.m.:

Facilitator & timekeeper: Albert Mussad, President               

Recording secretary: Liam McRae, Clerk

Parliamentarian: Salena Migeot


Please refer to Conduct of Meetings.  Please bring your calendar.


  1. 9:15-9:35am Check-in (Albert Mussad)

        Outcome: Connection and community


  1. 9:35-9:45am Approval of minutes: Feb. 18, 2017 (Liam McRae, Clerk)

        Outcome: Corrections as needed


  1. 9:45-10:10am Executive Director’s report (Felicity Pickett, Executive Director)

Outcomes: a. Shared understanding of news and work in progress of which Board should be informed

  1. Clarification as needed


  1. 10:10-11:10am Bylaws Committee Report (Cynthia Bolling, Chair)


  1. Committee report


  1. Progress toward June 1 distribution to members of proposed bylaws restatement (Please see folder doc.)
  2. April 20, 2017 bylaws teleconference: report & next steps


                    Outcomes: a. Shared understanding

  1. Clarification as needed             


11:10-11:20am Break

  1. 11:20-11:40am Governance Committee Report (Salena Migeot & Liam McRae)
  1. Approval of Conflict of Interest Policy (Draft)
  2. Submission of Conflict of Interest Certification and Disclosure Statement to Liam by May 7, 2017
  3. Status of policies to be developed:
    1. Depreciation Policy (Finance)
    2. Risk Management Policy (Finance)
    3. Policy on Review of 990 (Finance)
    4. Conflict of Interest Policy (Governance)
    5. Whistleblower Policy (Governance)
    6. Document Retention and Destruction Policy (Governance)
    7. Compensation Review Policy (Finance)
    8. Joint Venture Policy (Governance)

            Outcomes: a. Clarification as needed

  1. Approval of those policies that are ready
  2. Plan to have drafts for August teleconference


  1. 11:40-12:00pm Treasurer’s Report (Betsey Miller, Treasurer)

       Outcomes:  a. Shared understanding of Rowe’s financial wellbeing

  1. Clarification as needed
  2. 12:00-12:30pm Development Report (Molly Guest, Development Coordinator)
  1. Woodside Valley Gives Day Report
  2. Update: Funds raised for Centennial Campaign (Fall 2015 campaign)
  3. Update: Funds raised for Centennial Campaign (Fall 2016 campaign
  4. Other Development updates


        Outcome: Shared understanding of progress towards goals


  1. 12:30-12:35pm Motion to open a bank account at Greenfield Cooperative Bank and transfer the money from our money market savings at People’s United Bank (Felicity Pickett)


  1. 12:35-12:45pm Youth Program Advisory Committee Report (Heather Day, Chair)


  1. 12:45-1:00pm Nominations Committee Report (Albert Mussad & Cynthia Bolling)


  1. Draft 2017-2018 slate of trustee candidates


       Outcome: Shared understanding of commitment to ongoing recruitment and current candidacies    


  1. Adjournment  


Next meetings:        August teleconference TBD

                                  Sat., Sept. 16, 2017 2:30pm Annual Meeting



October 15 Meeting was:

Facilitator & timekeeper: Albert Mussad, President              

Minutes taker: Liam McRae, Clerk

Parliamentarian: TBD


  1. 3:15-3:35pm Check-in (Albert Mussad)


  1. 3:35-3:45pm Approval of minutes of August 22, 2016 teleconference meeting (Albert)


  1. 3:45-3:50pm Motion to appoint Liam McRae Clerk of the Board for a two-year term through September 2018


  1. 3:50-4:05pm Executive Director’s report (Felicity Pickett, Executive Director)


  1. 4:05-4:25pm Bylaws Committee Report 


  1. 4:25-4:45pm Bylaws: Next steps


  1. 4:55-5:15pm Treasurer’s Report (Felicity for Betsey Miller, Treausurer)


  1. 5:15-5:30pm Development Report: Launching the Campaign for Joffe House by the Brook (Lisbet Taylor, Chair)


  1. 5:30-5:40pm Youth Program Advisory Committee Report (Heather Day, Chair)


  1. 5:40-5:50pm Nominations Committee Report (Albert)


  1. 5:50-6:00pm Governance Committee Report (Albert for Cynthia Bolling)

 Please note: Changes to this agenda up to the day of the meeting are likely given the volume of work in progress. The approved minutes will provide an accurate record of this meeting when they are posted to the Rowe website. 

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