Extra Day


Come early or stay after the program and create your own personal retreat. At Rowe, the soul-sustaining beauty of creation abounds. Come walk in our enchanted forest, enjoy the sights and sounds of the waterfall, and delight in tranquility by our old mill pond. During our conference season, most weekdays our guestrooms are available and offer quiet and solitude. Take a break from your busy life and reconnect with your soul. Come alone, bring a friend, or have a family reunion.

Make your own schedule. There are no pre-set mealtimes so you can sleep late or get up at dawn and watch the sunrise. Write, read, walk the labyrinth, enjoy the sauna, take a long afternoon nap, walk around the lake or climb Adams Mountain. Help yourself from the Rowe kitchen for breakfast and lunch and join the staff for an evening meal. Watch the sunset from the porch swing at the Farmhouse. Marvel at the awesome night sky from the clear view at the Orchard or simply do nothing at all.

Weekday rates, including kitchen privileges,are $60 a night for a dorm room, $75 per person for a double occupancy, $100 a night for a private single, $150 a night for our studio with a kitchenette ($100 per person as a double).If you need a cost break, we will barter. Chop wood, carry water. Spend part of your day in working meditation.

Indeed, going to Rowe is a pilgrimage: traveling a distance from one’s accustomed place to enter a sacred space whereone is transformed. Eventually, one returns to the turbulent world again, as all pilgrims do, infused with fresh energy,courage, and love. So create your own retreat. You deserve it.

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