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Senior High Camp: Ages 16-19

July 29, 2018 – August 18, 2018 @ – The greatest tradition in the 94-year history of Rowe Camp is Senior High Camp.  Each day, campers participate in a wide variety of amazing workshops on topics such as dreams, identity, spirituality, body image, addiction, sexuality, grief and loss, and politics. In the evenings, campers join the whole community for events like talent shows and […]

Young People’s Camp 3: Ages 11-13

July 15, 2018 – July 28, 2018 @ – YPC 3: One-Week Stay or Two-Week Stay Option  YPC is a place where campers grow, have fun, connect with others, and feel accepted and valued. We make a space where young people can be all of themselves: the part that wants to play and the part that wants to think seriously about the world. Our aim […]

Junior High Camp: Ages 13-15

June 24, 2018 – July 14, 2018 @ –   It is difficult to capture in words the incredible spirit of Junior High Camp (JHC). Campers and staff say that they have more fun than they thought possible every year they attend and that this camp is the place where they are at their best: most adventurous, most excited, most connected to others, most […]

2018 Youth Camp Dates

Open registration for new campers begins on February 1st. Online registration is available.  The camp dates for 2018 are:...

Camp Fee Information

  Camp fees are on a sliding scale based on your gross annual family income Youth Camps <$25,000 $25-$50,000...

Youth Scholarship

The Woodside Diversity Fund Rowe Camp respects all people, especially young people. The camp community fosters a “culture of...

Camp Housing Options

Camp fees include all program fees, plus meals and housing. Campers are housed in our cabins, each of which...

Deposits & Refunds

A deposit of $250 for camps lasting one week or less and $500 for 2- and 3-week camps is absolutely required...

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