Camps and Community Retreats

Rowe Camps: 91 Years Old and Going Strong!

Rowe Community Retreats: Decades of Building Friendships! 

To register for a camp or community retreat, please choose the appropriate event in the menu on the right. 

If you are interested in working at Rowe Camp, see the summer employment page.

Click here to see our Summer Camp Catalog. Please note: the cover of the catalog says 2014, but the camp descriptions remain accurate. The camp dates for 2015 are:

June 28-July18, Junior High Camp (ages 13-15)

July 19-25, Young People’s Camp 1 (ages 8-10)

July 26-August 1, Young People’s Camp 2 (ages 9-11)

July 19-August 1, Transitions Camp (ages 11-13)

August 2-22, Senior High Camp (ages 16-19)

All ages are of July 1st.

From June to September, The Rowe Center holds summer camps instead of conferences. Our youth camps offer exciting one-to-three week sessions for young people ages eight through 18. For adults, our summer retreats offer an opportunity to immerse yourself in experiences that enrich the lives of participants, in communities welcoming old friends and newcomers alike.

Rowe Camp is a unique and magical place. Founded in 1924, Rowe has deeply touched lives for nearly five generations.  Nestled into the side of Mount Adams among maples,oaks, and hemlocks, the summer camp is a place for fun, exploration, and acceptance of oneself and others. Youth at Rowe are honored and empowered through programming that embodies and balances individual freedom and responsibility to the community in a fun, relaxed, creative, energetic environment.To the right, you can click on the camps that are of interest.  Our youth camps comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and are licensed by the local board of health.

In addition to our youth camps, we have a number of camps for adults that have evolved into self-sustaining communities over the years. Many people come back year after year and new folks are always welcomed and included. Created for sharing, play, healing, and transformation, these camps take full advantage of Rowe’s wonderful surroundings and facilities, providing you the opportunity to participate in quality programming, hike the trails in the nature preserve, visit the nearby town beach, relax in the sauna, and create in the art room. 

The dates for Adult Community Retreats are:

June 14-20, Skill Set: A Retreat for Emerging Adults (ages 20-24)

August 23-28, Kindred Spirits: A Community Supporting Healing & Self-Discovery

August 29-September 3, WomenCircles: Priestesses of Peace

August 29-September 3, Woman Soul: A Community of Sacred Trust

September 4-7, Labor Day Retreat for Gay, Bisexual, and Questioning Men

In May, the Generations Camp for grandparents and grandkids is a chance to enjoy the Berkshires for cozy relaxation and outdoor adventure. For more information, click here.

For full descriptions of any of these camps, click on the listings to the right. (For the Labor Day Retreat for Gay, Bisexual, and Questioning Men, please see the listing in the regular schedule, here.)


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