Board of Trustees Committees


Cynthia Bolling, Chairperson

The Bylaws Committee, which was formed in April 2015, is responsible for recommending updates of Rowe’s 2005 bylaws to the Board of Trustees for approval by Rowe’s members.


Lisbet Taylor, Chairperson; Salena Migeot, Vice Chairperson

The Development Committee creates a yearly development plan for the organization that lists campaigns, goals, and schedules for the year. The committee has oversight of all fundraising activities as well as policies and procedures pertaining to membership. The committee provides the Board with leadership and support for fundraising.


Betsey Miller, Chairperson

The Finance/Investment Committee is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations for the budget before it is presented to the board; and for long-term financial planning, budget monitoring, expenditure control, and financial analysis and review. It also reviews the portfolio of Rowe’s investments, recommends changes in investments, and provides an Annual Report on the portfolio’s performance.

Governance Committee

Liam McCrae, Chariperson; Salena Migeot, Vice Chairperson

The Governance Committee is responsible for the development of sound policies, procedures and Board practices to ensure that the Board of Trustees exercises its fiduciary oversight of Rowe in a way that is consistent with applicable state and federal law, regulatory requirements, and best practices in the field. The Governance Committee will be responsible for ongoing Board education in these matters.


 Chairperson TBD

The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to recruit, review, and make recommendations of candidates for the board. The committee chair presents a slate of candidates to the members of the corporation for approval at its Annual Meeting every fall. 


Cynthia Bolling, Chairperson

In cooperation with the Executive Director, the Personnel Committee establishes and reviews policies and procedures for the hiring, evaluation, and termination of staff, reviews grievances as needed, and presents changes or additions to Rowe’s personnel policies to the Board for approval. 


Granger Macy, Chairperson

The Building Stewardship Committee inspects and reviews the state of each of Rowe’s structures. Using a specific set of criteria, the committee recommends to the staff the capital projects that it believes need the most attention for the upcoming fiscal year.

 Youth Programming

Heather Day, Chairperson

 An advisory committee established to focus specifically on the sustainability, growth, quality, and wellbeing of Rowe’s youth- and young-adult-focused programming.


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