Barter to Reduce Costs

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We don’t want to exclude people who have financial constraints, so we have a work-exchange program available. If you are having trouble meeting our costs, please contact us(or 413-339-4954) about barter opportunities, which are possible when an agreement is made in advance. You will need to pay a minimum of the $100 deposit or your meals & housing fee – whichever is greater. We will barter as much of the rest as we are able to work out with you.

There are several ways to barter:

Kitchen Help  – We will give you a $75 credit for helping with the dishes after each meal during the weekend you are attending.  You will never miss any of your program, though you won’t be able to sit around and chat after meals.  You will be asked to work for ½ hour after breakfasts and dinners, and 1 ½ hours after Sat and Sun lunch for a total of 5 hours.

You can increase your total credit to $100 by staying another 1 ½ hours on Sunday afternoon and helping with the post kitchen clean up. You will be here until 4 p.m.

General Help – Come up early or stay after the program. You can do up to two days of work-exchange for an $8.25 per hour credit. Work may include but is not limited to housekeeping, office, and grounds work.

Specialized Help – If you have trade skills (carpentry, plumbing, gardening) or bodywork skills (e.g. licensed massage therapist), other options are available for bartering. Please contact us (413-339-4954)!

Online Registration

You can find out more about currently scheduled camps and conferences on our Calendar of Events page. Online registration is available from the individual description pages for each conference or camp.


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