Governing Documents

Unitarian Universalist Rowe Camp and Conference Center, Inc.

Articles of Organization – History and Summary

History of Rowe’s Founding

Rowe was founded in 1924 and officially incorporated in 1927, when the Certificate of Organization was filed with the state of Massachusetts. The Certificate contains Rowe’s name at the time (The Unitarian Rowe Camp, Inc.), a statement of its purpose as a charitable nonprofit, and a list of the Corporation’s founding members. The Certificate (which is now known as a corporation’s Articles of Organization) was last amended in 1980, when the words “Conference Center” were added to Rowe’s name. Since that time, the legal standards for what should be in a corporation’s Articles have changed so much that Rowe’s Board and legal counsel recommend that we restate the Articles rather than revise individual sections, just as we’re doing with our Bylaws.

Mission and Purpose

Articles of Organization        




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