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Restated bylaws adopted 

The Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that Rowe’s members voted to adopt the Proposed Restated Bylaws at the September 16, 2017, Annual Meeting. The new bylaws passed by a vote of 236 to 50 — much more than what was required (two-thirds of those voting, either in person or by proxy) for their passage.

 We want to thank you all for your participation in this two-year process — both those of you who showed up in person to vote, and those who voted by proxy because you couldn’t attend the meeting.

 The new bylaws went into effect as soon as they passed. Practically speaking, though, most of you won’t notice any difference in how Rowe or the Board operates until a month or two before next year’s Annual Meeting. That’s when, for the first time, we’ll send out a proxy vote form that invites you to elect the trustee nominees for 2018-2019. Fortunately, the new bylaws allow us to send this to your inbox, if you have one. We hope you will appreciate the advance notice and the convenience — we’re pretty sure that Rowe volunteers and staff, who have had to stuff this year’s proxies in envelopes, certainly will.

 We still have work to do, however: Rowe’s Articles of Organization — the document that is used to create nonprofits in the state of Massachusetts — didn’t pass, because we needed 434 (two-thirds of the entire membership) to vote yes. So while the vote of 241 to 44 was encouraging, we fell short of the number required for passage. We’re working on a process for a revote at the 2018 Annual Meeting, so watch for announcements about it in the Rowe E News. Our current Articles remain in effect until we pass new ones.

 Again, we’re profoundly grateful for your interest in and support of a place that we have all hold dear.

 In the Spirit of Rowe, may we all be touched by the presence of joy and grace in our lives as we move through the upcoming year.



Cynthia Bolling

Bylaw Committee Chair


Proposed Restated Articles of Organization

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